10 Essential House Exterior Upgrades

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With tough competition in the housing market, ensuring your home’s curb appeal is top-notch has never been more important. Not only are there practical benefits, but your quality of life will also be improved by living in a luxurious home. No matter what your style, there are easy ways to alter the appearance of your house – and most of them you can do yourself. Whether you’re changing the entire exterior or want to paint your door, let’s look at ten upgrades you can make that are guaranteed to boost your curb appeal.

Why Bother Upgrading Your Home?

The majority of people think of their home as somewhere simply to raise their family. With that, they look for practical features, which means the exterior quality falls to the waist side. However, the appearance of a dated home can often put people off despite ticking every other box. Taking on a dated home can end up saving you money because you can increase the value through simple renovations – we discuss below.


The roof is a vital part of the home because it keeps the elements outside, as well as undesirable guests. Without a roof, you don’t really have a home. You should always keep on top of your roof maintenance – you can leave this to expert Michigan roofers Rock Solid Exteriors to make your life easier. However, sometimes it’s time for an entire replacement. You don’t have to spend a fortune – you may just want to upgrade your existing tiles.

Alter The Proportions

If you’re wanting to carry out a show-stopping renovation, you can alter your house’s proportions. to do this, you could add an extension or even simply change the roof. Alternatively, if you have a bungalow, you may want to add an extra floor to increase your space – this will increase your sales market as well. Remember, if you’re changing the layout of the house to this extent, you will need to seek planning permission from the relevant bodies.

Switch Up Exterior Finishes

If your house looks dated on the outside, you don’t need to tear down the entire building to get a modern look – you can simply wrap a new finish around your building. For example, if you’ve got hideous brickwork showing, you can install alternative finishes like cladding. If you want to save some money, you can opt for simply painting your existing brickwork. Further, if your brickwork has got cracks and looks shabby, you could repair the damage.

Fancy New Windows

Windows let the outside in and are a great renovation to make to your exterior. Changing a window will alter the entire aesthetic of your house if you do it right. The best part about changing your windows is that you don’t need to get planning permission to do it unless they extend the parameters of your home.

A New Front Door Perhaps

This one is a no-brainer that doesn’t cost a fortune. Whether you’re painting your existing door, installing a new one, or carrying out a refurb – this is a speedy renovation that helps boost your curb appeal. There are so many doors to choose from, so take a look at some of these hot front door trends.

Treat Yourself To An Extension

If you’re in love with your house but your needs have grown – perhaps you’re starting a family – you may want to add a small extension. For example, you may need more space for your kitchen/dining room. If you have space, you can extend on from your existing room. You don’t need to spend a fortune; you can consider just adding a porch to improve your curb appeal.

Install A Porch

On the topic of porches, this exterior addition is a great way to increase the appeal of your exterior. So, if your front door opens and you’re met with the living room, consider putting a porch in. By having a porch, you have more storage space to keep all the muddy shoes, coats, and umbrellas. Further, you can open the door to strangers without having to let them into your private areas – it also makes a great safe place for delivery men to drop your parcel.

A Driveway Spruce Up

If you live in an area where people prize their vehicles, you may want to renovate your driveway to pack a punch to potential buyers – you simply just want to feel good about the front of your house. If you want to keep the cost of this renovation down, you should put it in a gravel driveway, as it tends to be cheaper than other options. Before you go tearing up your existing drive, make sure you speak to you make sure you’ve got planning permission.

Garage Conversions

If you have a garage and need extra living space, or you want to install that home office you’ve always been talking about, consider converting your garage as opposed to putting in an extension. This can open up your home because you can add more windows to draw the eye. However, if you’re thinking about selling your home, check the local property market first. There’s no point converting your garage if buyers in the area are looking for vehicle security.

The Garden Treatment

Finally, we turn our attention to the garden. Although this won’t boost your curb appeal, it is an important part of making a sale on a house. Further, having a tranquil garden will help boost your positive mental health. If you want to get technical, you should try and match your garden with the aesthetic of your house.

Putting time and effort into the exterior of your home will greatly improve the curb appeal. Further, when you’re happy with your home, you will find contentment easier through an increased sense of pride. You can follow the latest trends online and make simple affordable changes. If you want to make changes but feel out of your depth, you can always call in the professionals for some support.

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