10 Physical and Mental Injuries That Many People Suffer After A Car Accident in Snellville

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Snellville is a developing town located to the east of the Georgian capital, Atlanta. In the past few years, more and more people have moved to the city. There are plenty of employment opportunities for everyone who wants to have a good lifestyle. If you have ever lived in Georgia, you must be aware of how people drive – it’s crazy! Driving conditions in Atlanta and nearby cities are pretty tedious.

In the past few years, the accident rate in Snellville has immensely increased. The count for fatal accidents has increased by over 300% leading to 6 fatal accidents in this small town annually. You will be surprised to know that 85% of these accidents are conducted in clear weather.

Side-Effects of Accidents

Car accidents can lead to multiple health complications. Internal, external, and mental injuries are pretty common among the victims. You feel that there is nothing wrong for a while. However, as soon as the effect of adrenaline finishes, these symptoms start appearing. A lot of people don’t know this, but most injuries are asymptomatic. You may feel that nothing is wrong with you, but it’s far more dangerous in actuality. There are two types of side-effects when it comes to accident injuries. Most Snellville residents who are victims of car accidents have mentioned the following:

  • Physical side-effects
  • Mental side-effects

Physical Side-Effects of Being in A Car Accident

Here are some physically visible side-effects of an accident that can lead to permanent damage if not treated properly:

Cuts and Burns

Car accidents also result in cuts and burns. Based on the complexity of the accident, there could be sharp objects like broken glass, metal pieces, and debris that may cause scratches easily. Sliding over a sharp object or getting in touch with them at a fast pace can be rather damaging. Different car parts actually heat up after an accident which can also result in burns. People who get in a pedestrian accident or fall off a bike can also bring severe bruises and lacerations by getting in touch with rigid friction of the road.

Tissue Injuries

Tissue trauma and injuries can be impossible to detect without hospital treatment. Following a traffic crash, certain patients experience a surge in adrenaline and believe they are physically well.

Tissue injuries don’t show quickly, but they are among the most common car wreck injuries in Snellville. Tissue damage can look like bruising initially. However, if left untreated, it can result in harsh consequences. Many people suffer from chronic tissue complications if their tissue injuries are not treated properly.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can vary from person to person. The intensity of your car crash can vary. It’s different from simple spinal sprains that can get better after a single session with your chiropractor to permanent damage to your Central Nervous System or even paralysis.

If you get any type of back pain after an accident, get yourself treated by a specialist doctor. A lot of people can develop problems sitting or standing. Some of them may even lose coordination in their body because of nerve damage in the spinal cord.

Brain Injuries

It may sound daunting to have a Traumatic Brain Injury. However, TBI is an injury affecting your skull/brain. Most brain injuries are straightforward, and they can be cured easily by proper medication. You should always take such injuries seriously and consult a professional neurologist immediately. A TBI can be triggered from former damage as well. With self-care, proper treatment, lifestyle changes, a TBI can be cured. You just have to take care of your health for the rest of your life.

Broken Bones

Fractures and broken bones are more common in serious accidents. You can get a fracture if your body suffers from intense pressure on your bones during an accident. There are two major types of fractures caused by accidents. Some fractures are really simple and can be cured easily with immobilization and cast. Complex fractures, on the other hand, require much more than just a cast. Your doctor will perform surgery on you to insert pins and screws to immobilize the affected area.

Mental Side-Effects

You are just not affected physically after a car accident. Some of the mental side-effects of a car accident are:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The most prominent mental health condition faced by auto accident survivors is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Car accidents are among the leading causes of PTSD in people – especially teenagers. PTSD can last for a long time, especially if you think about it again and again. Talking to a loved one or a professional can really help you get over PTSD. If left untreated, it can lead to changes in your personality.


Anxiety is something that can sneak up on you slowly. It is usual for individuals who have experienced stressful situations to get anxious. Anxiety may manifest as clinical symptoms such as a panic attack and nausea to more persistent problems like eating disorders. You can also develop a phobia of being in a vehicle. You can also suffer from low self-esteem and also social anxiety.


If you don’t give yourself enough time to recover from the trauma of car accidents, it can lead to depression. Depression can easily crawl up on people, and they don’t even know if they have it. It can leave you really unproductive, unappealing, and dull. Some people find it really hard to move forward after an accident. This is one of the worst kinds of depression and cannot be treated unless you take responsibility to get better. Simply trying to get active and taking an interest in your daily life by regular cleaning and doing your chores can help cure depression. For instance, if your back specialist in Snellville tells you your injury is incurable, it can lead to significant depression and thoughts like losing the will to live.


Many accident victims, especially children, and teenagers go through a phase of fearfulness. For example, sitting in a vehicle can seem like a daunting task. It can take weeks or even months to recover from this. When you suddenly start delaying functions that involve a car ride or prefer walking, it means that your mind is developing a phobia for cars. Positive reinforcement and proper therapy will help you get back on track with the regular course of life.

Personality Changes

If you have suddenly started to experience notable mood swings, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, you are depressed. Most people can make changes to their personality by realizing the issue and making changes. On the other hand, some people require counseling and therapy. If your loved one is acting differently after a car accident, understand that this change in their behavior is really not on purpose. Give them time to heal.


Car accidents are becoming quite common in Snellville. It is typical for people to go through physical and mental injuries after an accident. If you get in an accident, the best thing to do immediately is to get in touch with an accident doctor. Many physical injuries can leave long-lasting side effects and chronic health complications. Mental health can also suffer after an accident, mainly if you don’t express your feelings. By sharing your feelings about the accident, you can cope up with the trauma. Give your body and mind enough time to heal and recover.


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