3 Benefits of composite Fencing

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The fence or boundary wall has always been one of the big costs when it comes to setting up a home. The protection and security that a good fence or boundary wall will offer are paramount, and then there is the privacy, protection from the weather, and curb appeal that a good fence will bring.

The introduction of new and innovative construction products such as e-composites means that the choices are wider, and no longer is it just wood, metal, or waiting ten years for your hedge to grow.

What are eco-composite materials?

A composite material is one that is formed of a composition of a few other materials to produce one which has its own qualities. Generally, it is a mix of two or more materials to produce a new one. With regard to the range available from eComposite Products, these are mainly based on recycled materials (plastics and wood) and an eco-friendly binding agent to hold these together. Recycled plastics, sawdust, and wood are widely used, and those composites that have used such recycled materials and are doing their bit to ensure that the product life cycle is from cradle to cradle are eco-friendly composites.

Low maintenance

It will look like wood or even metal but will not require any maintenance to keep it looking like it did when installed. There will be no rot or decay, splintering or splitting, and in this case, there will also be no need for the regular sanding, spraying, or painting as you would have had to do with wood or metal. Even a living hedge will require regular trimming, watering, and weeding, all of which can be avoided with a composite fence.


The composite products are made to last and are thus a lot more durable than the traditional materials that would have been used in the past. It is important to realize that not all composites are created the same, and thus not all of them will last 50 years or hold up to the lifetime warranty. It will, in the main, depend on the materials used in the mix; a higher percentage of plastic to wood will mean a longer life. Also, a bio-based glue may not last as long as a synthetic chemical one. Currently, it is expected that composite fencing will outlast any natural product and save a great deal of maintenance time.

Eco friendly

Based both on the manner in which this material is made as well as the fact that it will last a lifetime makes composite fencing some of the most eco-friendly building and fencing materials available. Generally made from a combination of recycled plastic and recycled wood, the composite products that we now have access to thus help to reduce waste going to landfill, and apart from the fast-growing locally available cedar, there is nothing that is greener. Using eco-friendly composites will thus allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and build in a greener way.

These are simply the three main benefits of using eco-friendly composite products. There are indeed a lot more pros to using these materials for fencing and boundary walls, but those mentioned above are the main reasons why e-composite building materials are gaining popularity.

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