5 Must-Include Components on Your Realtor Marketing Emails

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5 Must-Include Components on Your Realtor Marketing Emails

Marketing is used by all businesses to pull in potential clients and retain the existing ones. Therefore, for any business to thrive, it needs to have a marketing strategy that outlines diverse and effective methods of attracting crowds towards its product or services.

The real estate industry can be cut-throat. As such, marketing for realtors is crucial in that it increases realtors’ visibility so they can find new clients and also establish strong relationships with their target audience.

Fortunately for realtors, we live in a digital world that allows businesses to use various digital marketing channels for brand exposure.

Email marketing is one such channel and, if used effectively, can help any business tap into a huge online audience and generate strong leads in the process. Emailing newsletters and postcards, in particular, are personalized forms of messaging and can help you reach a wider audience.

This article points out five key elements you should include in your email and postcard marketing strategy to strengthen your realtor marketing game.

1. Strong Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing you want to get right when sending out a postcard or email for marketing purposes. This strongly determines whether they will open the email or, in the case of postcards, continue reading and even keep them in store for future reference.

To achieve a strong heading that will capture your client’s attention, make sure you use the active voice and the right keywords.

2. Clear Call to Action

When designing a postcard or email for marketing, you need to know what you want to achieve from that specific communication.

Before hitting the ‘send’ button, you need to ask yourself, ‘What do I want my reader to do after reading this?’ Do you hope to get more calls, emails, or followers on your social media channels? Once you have the answer, indicate what exactly you want them to do and how they can do it.

Keep in mind that the direction needs to be clearly indicated, short and precise. Feel free to include the CTA in the marketing copy a couple of times for emphasis.

3. Clear and Specific Messaging

Before kick starting any marketing campaign, you need to emphasize what exactly you want your potential clients to focus on. If you jam pack too much information in your communication, you are certain to lose your clients’ interest.

For instance, if it’s a marketing email campaign you sent out, try and keep it clear if you don’t want your clients to look away, delete the email, or worse, mark you as spam. If it’s a postcard campaign, make sure the keywords are visible to prevent your postcards from ending up in the trash.

Always be sure to only focus on what product or service you want your client to pay attention to in not just your emails or postcards but all marketing materials.

4. Personalize Your Message

Always make sure that you personalize your messages to your clients. Personalizing a postcard or email captures the audiences’ attention and heightens your campaign success since they will feel that your brand resonates with them.

For instance, you can address your target audience by their names to make them feel that you dedicated a lot of attention to crafting the email or postcard.

5. Highlight Benefits, not Features

Any experienced salesman will tell you that you need to sell the value of what you are selling and not what you’re actually selling.

That said, many brands often make the mistake of highlighting why a client should choose them and not their rivals instead of explaining the value the client can expect by working with them.

You need to make your client understand the value they will get by choosing you as their option. Identify what makes your company the better choice and make sure your potential clients see it too.

The Bottom Line

Having a solid online presence is simply not enough. Realtors must find ways to engage their audience by sharing information and media and interacting with them in the comments and messages sections.

Email and postcards might be some of the best marketing tools to carry out your message. A combination of both will help you get a business edge over your competition and grow your client base at an incredibly fast rate.

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