5 Subscription Services That Are Really Worth It

by Chatter DC News

Doesn’t it feel a bit like everyone wants to sell you a subscription service these days? If you’re not careful, you could end up signing up for all sorts of things and quickly lose track.

Worth It, or a Passing Fad?

Sometimes a subscription is just a way for a company to make money (and it’s a good model), but there are a few subscription services that you may not have heard of that are actually worth the money you’re investing each month for both the convenience and the joy of getting your little monthly gift through the mail.

Here are five subscription services that make life a little easier and a little more pleasant, which means they are totally worth shelling out for each month.

Perfume and Cologne Subscriptions

Why would you want to have regular perfumes or colognes coming through the mail? It’s simple really, regular deliveries of colognes and perfumes will make you smile, and you’re more likely to use your scent daily if you know another delivery is just around the corner!

Companies like scentmagic.com even offer a sample subscription service for colognes, allowing you to choose a new scent each month or stick to your old faithful; it’s your choice.

Healthy Snack Subscriptions

That fast-food stall is too easy to visit, and it’s too hard to resist.

With a healthy snack box subscription, you’ll always have a healthy snack within arm’s reach to chow down on, ensuring you stay away from the fast food and you feed yourself good food, even when you’re craving that juicy box of fries.

Self-Care Box

Self-care is not just a passing fad. Studies have shown that people who practice regular self-care live longer and are happier for it.

Now, that’s not to say that everyone views self-care the same way and what one person may find relaxing another may hate, but self-care boxes are usually full of a variety of relaxing options, and some even include therapeutic exercises to really support the mind and body.

Succulents on Subscription

Did you know you can get plants through the post? Even better, you can get them delivered to your workplace.

Jazz up your grey cubicle with a monthly delivery of a new succulent plant to add to your desk’s collection.

Succulents are easy to look after, require minimal watering, and most can even live happily under fluorescent lights for ages, which makes them a perfect workplace subscription to brighten up those dreary days and get the scientifically proven benefits of a happier workplace surrounded by plants.

Champagne Subscription

Lastly on our list is a champagne subscription.

Look, life is hard, and sometimes life dictates that a good bottle of champers will help those worries to melt away into the distance, never to be worried about again.

Go on, treat yourself, indulge your decadence, and get a fantastic selection of champagnes delivered to your door every month. After all, isn’t surviving another day in this world reason enough to celebrate already?


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