5 Tips for Adjusting to Assisted Living

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If you have grave concerns about your parent’s health and wellbeing, now may be the time to consider an assisted living facility. Understandably, the transition is bound to be bittersweet, regardless of whether it is a welcomed decision or not. Many of us don’t like change, so if your parent is struggling to transition, here are five tips to help your loved one adjust to assisted living.

Pick the Right Facility

Of course, you will want to pick the right assisted living facility for your parent. Depending on where you live, there may be several communities nearby to pick from like the McKnight Place facility for assisted living in St Louis County. You will want your loved one to feel at home from the moment they step through the door so, when touring facilities, make sure to pay close attention to cleanliness and how attentive the staff are. Make sure your loved one is involved in the decision process, as the last thing you want is for them to live somewhere they don’t feel comfortable.

Personalize Their Room

As your loved one moves out of their home they’ve known and loved for many years, it’s natural they’ll feel uneasy when moving into assisted living. Being in a new environment can be unnerving, but to help your parent settle in, there are several things you can do, such as placing familiar items around their room. Understandably, you can’t bring everything from home, but a few family photographs and wall decorations can make a real difference in personalizing their bedroom.

Connect with the Staff

One of the most important tips to take on board when moving a loved one into assisted living is to connect with the staff. Those who work at the facility will be in charge of taking care of every resident. Also, the staff will be the ones who interact with your parent day in and day out. Therefore, building a relationship with the assisted facility team can put your mind at ease, knowing your parent is being well looked after. You can tell the staff about certain hobbies and interests your parent has which can help them get the most out of living in an assisted living facility.

Encourage Social Activity

As your parent gets older, they may start to become quiet and withdrawn. If they aren’t socializing, this can have a negative impact on your parent’s mental and physical wellbeing. Once your loved one moves into assisted living, many facilities promote community activities. This allows residents to connect with one another and build friendships. Try and encourage social interaction as this can boost your loved one’s mindset.

Visit Regularly

When your loved one moves into assisted living, you must visit as often as possible. They may feel as though you’ve abandoned them, so try and work around your schedule so you can see them regularly. Frequent visits should help your parent feel more at ease.

It can be hard to see your loved one be stripped of their independence. However, once your parent moves into an assisted living facility, you can be confident they’re in safe hands. There will be ups and downs along the way, so to help ease the transition, make sure to take the tips above on board.

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