5 Ways to Improve the Job Hunting Experience

by Chatter DC News

Job hunting can be a demoralizing experience, even for those with a great set of skills. It’s not just about being hired, after all. It’s about being hired at a job you actually want to do. Staying positive and fighting through to finally land a position that you are passionate about is worthwhile and is not something that you should ever give up on.

Even if you need something right now, you deserve to find something you are passionate about. To improve your job hunting experience, follow these tips and tricks. Done right, you should be able to persevere until you find the job that makes you feel fulfilled.


Improve Your Digital Presence

A great place to start is to go through your digital presence and work to improve it. This can be as simple as making accounts private, or it could involve you going the extra mile to give yourself a professional presence online. A good place to start is the job sites. Improve and optimize your profile, and then carry on to your social media presence and, finally, your Google search presence.

Create a List of Templates

Every cover letter and resume should be tailored to the job in question, but a lot of jobs will overlap. By creating templates that will suit certain types of positions, you can speed up your job hunt while also making your application seem custom-tailored to the job you are applying for. Just remember to read through and tweak your templates to best fit the job description and company.

Set Yourself a Time to Job Hunt

Job hunting can be very exhausting, so a good way to stop making it feel so endless is to set yourself a time to do it. This can be either once a week if, for example, you already have a job and are looking for your next one. If you are currently unemployed, then you may want to set out a period of time every day to job hunt. This way, you can stay consistent and start to make it feel like a task. You’ll get rejections, yes, but you’ll also get interviews.

Reward Your Efforts

Always reward your efforts. This can be something small, like treating yourself to a great breakfast after you send in job applications. It could be something big, like treating yourself to any of these great new job gifts after you finally manage to get your dream position. Rewarding yourself like this is essential because every step, and every location, is a step forward. By rewarding the steps as well as the destination, you can keep positive, even if it takes a while.

Rely on Friends and Family

Rely on your friends and family. Let them celebrate your successes and let them share in your frustrations. There is a big difference between opening up and forcing them to carry you. So long as you continue to try, your loved ones will often be more than happy to support you in every way that they can.


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