5 Ways to Update Your Bathroom This Summer

by Chatter DC News

Are you looking to tackle some home renovation projects this summer and your bathroom is top of the list? Updating and modernizing your bathroom is a great opportunity to add new more luxurious features, make the space more useable, and just freshen up the entire feel of the bathroom. But where should you start? Whether you just want to make some minor cosmetic tweaks, or you’re ready to make more impactful changes, here are some of the ways you can update your bathroom.

Choose a New Color Palette

Want to make a substantial change in the bathroom without having to spend a lot of time and money on the project? The really simple solution is to choose a new color palette and give the room a fresh coat of paint. This project alone will create dramatic results, so dramatic that you may not feel the need to do anything else.

As for what color to choose, there is actually a number of trending bathroom colors for 2021. Some of the trending colors include soft pale blue, warm earthy yellow, richly pigmented green, and stark white for an ultra-modern look. Be sure to give thought as to how the new paint color will work with the existing flooring, cupboards, countertops, and fixtures. You want to be sure everything is still cohesive.

Replace the Sink and Vanity

If you want maximum impact in the bathroom, one of the best renovations you can do is to rip out the existing sink and vanity and replace it with something new and stylish. This gives you the chance to change up the colors, the style, and even the materials. This one job alone may be enough to transform the space to your liking.

It should be noted that ripping out the sink and vanity and replacing it does take know-how. Companies like Maplewood Plumbing are worth checking out. The last thing you want to do is risk damaging the new sink and vanity, or installing it wrong and ending up with a leak.

Install a Brand New Toilet

Sure, it may not sound glamorous, but installing a new toilet will instantly update the space. It also gives you a chance to choose one with cool new features, and today’s low-flow toilets are much more efficient when it comes to the amount of water they use.

Update the Faucets – Create a Luxe Vibe

For homeowners that want to create a more luxurious vibe in their bathroom, high-end fixtures will be a must. Updating the existing faucets with new high-end ones has a domino effect and elevates the sophistication of the room.

Give Grout a Deep Cleaning

So, what happens if you’d love to re-tile the floor or the shower walls and floor but don’t have the budget for it? Giving your grout a really good deep clean can make the tile look new again, and freshen up the space.

A Beautiful Updated Bathroom to Enjoy

Any of these projects will be able to give you a beautiful updated bathroom space that you can enjoy.

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