7 Tips for Giving Your Home a Unique Touch

by Chatter DC News

Do you ever walk into someone’s home and think – this represents who they are down to a T. Having a unique home is something to be proud of, but it’s not always easy to achieve, especially when so many home décor shops sell similar looking items. If you are tired of your home looking like it’s come straight out of a home décor magazine, here are some décor tips for a unique touch.

1: Shop Second Hand

You will often find far more interesting and unique home pieces in second-hand shops than you will in ordinary stores. You could even find an antique steal! Instead of browsing your usual catalogs, start browsing online marketplaces and antique stores for more unique finds.

2: Get into DIY Décor

Not all of your décor has to be store-bought and made. If you’re an artsy type, you could get to work on building your own sculpture or painting your own artwork. From hanging shelves to painted plant pots, there are many ways to put your creativity to use.

To make cute sculptures for the home, like a fairy house or a hanging bell, use epoxy clay for strength and quality. Creating a sculptured décor piece won’t only look interesting, but it will also spark many conversations!

3: Free Paint a Wall

Another way to let your creativity run wild is to free paint a wall. While your other walls might be monochrome or have a wallpaper design, keep one free to let your imagination soar. You could go for a random look and splash different colors, follow a tutorial, or use your artistic skills to paint a picture of your own.

4: Make Your Own Curtains

If there are no curtains on sale that appeal to your taste, why not scrap buying curtains altogether and make your own? This way, you’ll have a much better selection of fabric, allowing you to decorate your rooms however you please.

5: Get Out the Keepsakes

If you have boxes full of sentimental items, instead of letting them collect dust in the attic, get them out and place them around the home! The chances are, what you have in your memory collection is far more unique than anything you can buy in a home store, so embrace the item’s individual nature and let them sit in the sun.

6: Embrace Layered Lighting

An easy way to instantly make a room shine is to use layered lighting. It’ll accentuate different areas of the room without feeling too harsh or bright. Use wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, fairy lights, and candles to add a warmer atmosphere to your rooms. Plus, there are plenty of unique light fittings to choose from!

7: Show Off Your Interests

If you want your home to represent yourself, show off your interests in your décor. If you’re a film buff, for example, why not install an awesome DVD display? Let your home speak for you, and it’ll be as unique as you are.


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