7 Tips to a Memorable First Date – For Men

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7 Tips to a Memorable First Date – For Men


Having registered on a modern dating site the first date is finally at hand. It is time to separate the boys from the men so to speak. Here’s where you have to prove that what you shared online was true, and there is more to you too. When registering on a dating site, the details and work required at first seem trivial. And it is. After registering and creating an account, the real work begins, but only for a while.

Securing a Date Online

Once you finalize account creation the rest is usually a walk in the park. This is because dating apps give you freebies in the form of preset messages. These messages guide you to make friends quickly and with less stress. The real work begins when you secure that first date. There are ins and outs of a first date that men in particular need to watch out for.

1. Attire

Keep things formal and less casual on the first date. This doesn’t necessarily imply wearing a suit. It does however mean that shorts and sandals probably should be left at the beach house. Whether you are into Colombian dating or local hookups, you should present yourself as a serious man – not some lad looking for a quickie.

2. Conversation

Refrain from driving in your opinions on the ruling party, or how religion isn’t working out for anyone. It is nothing short of rude to utter your disgust not knowing how religious your new lady friend is. Stick to talking about matters revolving around a possible future together.

3. Location

Pick a spot that both parties will be comfortable in and not your favorite bar. This helps avoid riff-raff you are acquainted with who might ruin the date. It also means picking a spot that is likely a place she would enjoy. Avoid bars and stick to restaurants with an ambiance and intimate spots for better conversations.

4. Gifts

If it’s the first date, try not to go overboard with gifts. Flowers are always welcome but roses might not work very well. Try seeking suggestions for flowers like lilies with little references or innuendos. Be sure to bring along something she can take home like chocolates or a figurine. It could be something humorous that will remind you of her.

5. Culinary Skills

How about avoiding public places altogether and cooking instead? Going to the movies is fun and all but home-cooked meals never go wrong, unless, of course, you cannot cook. Find easy recipes that you are sure she will enjoy and eat at home instead. Make room for some merry-making away from nightclubs. These dingy spots never produce happy memories.

6. Intimacy

In finding the best spots for intimacy, what comes afterward is equally important. There might be a kiss or two at the said spot, but things need to move slowly. Do not attempt to sleep with her the first night. Spend more time getting to know yourself as a person and not as an object.

7. Drunkenness

Avoid getting drunk at all costs and the same should apply to getting her drunk. If you cannot hold off a drink for that first date, you will ruin everything. This includes any forthcoming dates. Additionally, being drunk means you will miss out on important aspects of the lady. Usually, this is stuff that will end the relationship quickly because you couldn’t be bothered to remember – or were drunk.

Bottom Line

The first date can be overwhelming for a man but it doesn’t have to be. Things can turn out well if the man is aware of his surroundings, which includes the lady. Keeping in mind that she likely wants to know you fully before a second date, the above tips must be followed. Good luck finding a soulmate on or offline for many dates to come.

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