All You Need to Know about ID Checking and Age Verification during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Age verification and ID checking has always been critical to safeguarding businesses and their licenses such as liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, bars, nightclubs, and other establishments selling age-restricted products and services. However, in the post-COVID world, these businesses have had to adapt and respond with new modes of operation.

Many of the things that worked in the past no longer makes sense. Daily operations have been examined and altered in accordance with closures or social distancing requirements. In particular, the ID checking processes at bars, liquor stores, and marijuana dispensaries have to been changed to ensure that they are safe, hygienic, and prohibit the spread of germs.

Closure and Restructuring

Many businesses that traditionally made use of ID checking and scanning technologies have been forced to shut down due to the pandemic. However, operations like markets, groceries, and marijuana dispensaries have been deemed essential services, due to which many of them remain open, operational, and profitable.

In the midst of reopenings and reclosings that scatter nationwide, people are determined to resume some normalcy to their lives. And businesses have already adapted to the new normal of post cvid19. With the goal to open businesses safely, this adaptation can mean different methods to different geographic regions and different corporate cultures. However, one method that runs through all businesses that include restaurants, bars, and retail stores such as tobacco, liquor and marijuana outlets is incorporating curbside pickup.

Curbside pickup allows the flexibility for employees and customers to stay safer and also scan IDs safely (without touching) and document IDs for all age sensitive transactions with an ID scanner. This is one of the most effective tools critical to staying error free and safeguarding their license so they can continue to sell age sensitive products or services.

Businesses are taking precautions to ensure that they do not inadvertently facilitate the transmission of disease during the ID and age verification process. The ever-evolving alcohol and marijuana delivery services will also have to adapt in order to maximize safety without compromising the rules and regulations around the sale of age-restricted products.

Minimizing Contact for Enhanced Safety

One of the most important things that all businesses will have to focus on in the post-COVID world is the minimization of physical contact between people. Physical distancing is one of the ways to minimize microbes from spreading from person to person. The wearing of masks, gloves, and other protective gear by employees and customers alike are also ways in which this can be achieved.

Another factor that increases the need for physical contact is manual ID checking for ID and age verification. The store clerk or the delivery person still needs to scrutinize the ID card or driver’s license presented by the customer. To eliminate the risk of person to person contact, using an ID scanner for age verification will allow employees to accurately and efficiently verify the age and ID and document the transaction without physically handling the ID card. Some states encourage data collection in case there is a need to contact trace.

With a portable Curbside Pickup ID Scanning device, the card just needs to be held up in front of the device and no swiping is necessary. All the relevant details will immediately appear on the screen of the scanning device, eliminating the need for close scrutiny of the card.

Best Practices for Age Verification

Until a vaccine is introduced and infection rates stabilize across the country, bars, nightclubs, marijuana dispensaries, liquor stores, and other establishments selling age-restricted products will need to re-evaluate age-old ID checking norms and come up with newer, safer, and better age verification processes.

If they haven’t already, they need to invest in a simple yet effective ID scanner that does the job of verifying the age and expiration status of the ID card. The bells and whistles that promise marketing analysis and tools may be overkill today as best practices includes incorporating privacy and security protocalls. At the end of the day, less can be more in this sense.

A portable ID SCANNER is an effective tool that can be used to verify the age of a potential customer without coming into close contact with them or touching their ID card. It also eliminates the risk of misreading the information on the card or miscalculating the age of the card holder. Furthermore, the ID scanner will immediately inform the sales clerk or bouncer if the ID card is expired.

Employees will still need to use their judgement as they need to verify the picture on the ID card matches the person making the purchase. But verification related to age and expiration status will be performed by the ID SCANNER error free. Simple, accurate, affordable, and durable are they key features of the best ID Scanners for age verification.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the ways in which ID SCANNERS are one of the most effective tools to help businesses selling age-restricted products adjust to the post-COVID world and eventually thrive in it. For the best results, businesses should only purchase ID SCANNERS that have possess the four features – simple, accurate, affordable, and durable – by a reputed company or brand.


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