Beginner’s Tips for Market Traders

by Chatter DC News

Markets have been around for centuries and people have often visited to purchase groceries, clothing, and other items that they can use at home. However, there seems to be an ever-growing community of artisanal markets popping up in towns and cities around the world as consumers start to prefer supporting independent businesses rather than big corporations.

These markets are a wonderful opportunity to find unique jewelry, art, clothing, and there is always fantastic food on offer as well. If you have recently started an independent business that specializes in any of these things, doing the market circuit has probably already crossed your mind. If so, here are a few basic tips for new market traders that you might find useful.

Create an Attractive Stall

Firstly, you want to make your stall stand out from other traders, but be mindful of what the restrictions are as well. You can speak to the market organizer to find out what you can and can’t do on your stall, including their health and safety regulations. Colorful stalls will always look appealing, and having your goods beautifully displayed is a must. You should also have signs or banners printed with your company name and logo or any other imagery that suits your brand, and you think will catch people’s eyes. You can get quality signs printed at Soyang Europe that you can use again and again, which will be ideal.

Bring Layers

If it’s a hot day in the summertime, you won’t need to wrap up as much, but whatever the season, it’s always smart to bring some extra layers in case you do get a little cold. You will be spending most of your day sitting at your stall waiting for and serving customers, so unless you’re in a food stall with heat coming from a stove, you could find yourself catching a chill, particularly in the cooler months. It’s better to have a spare jumper or coat and not have to use it, rather than being cold and not being able to do anything about it. Additionally, if it is a hot day, bringing a fan with you to keep cool would also be smart.

Offer Samples

This is better for traders who are selling food or drink products, or perhaps things like handmade soaps and beauty products, but it will help to attract customers to your stall. A lot of people who pass you by won’t have heard of your company before, so offering them free samples will be a great way to show off your products and their high quality, encouraging people to buy some at full price.

Make it Easy to Pay

You must make it easy for customers to pay with either cash or card, as if they can’t use their preferred method, they might walk away from the sale. Before you attend your first market as a trader, make sure you have a card machine that you can set up easily at your stall. You’ll also need a secure cashbox with a float to provide people with change if they do decide to pay with cash.

If you’re a new, independent artisanal business planning to attend their first market as a trader, remember these simple tips to get you started and stay comfortable throughout the day.

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