Dry Skin Care: 5 Tips to Combat Dry Skin Fast

by Chatter DC News

Dry skin happens when your skin does not retain sufficient moisture. There are many reasons why this can occur, such as using harsh soaps, frequent bathing, and certain medical conditions. While dry skin is extremely common for all age groups, constantly dealing with itchy, flaky, dry skin can be a nuisance and affect your confidence. To soothe dry skin, here are five tips you can try out today.

Limit Baths and Showers

Many of us love nothing more than to relax under the showerhead or have a long soak in the bath. If this sounds like you, the longer you’re in contact with hot water, the drier your skin may be. If you bathe for long periods, you could strip away a lot of your skin’s oily layer, causing it to lose moisture. Rather than using hot water, it’s advised to stick with lukewarm water to avoid washing natural oils away. Obviously, you need to keep on top of your hygiene, but you should only spend between 5 to 10 minutes in the bath or shower.

Minimise Soap Use

We all understand the importance of keeping our skin fresh, radiant, and glowing. However, if you use the wrong soap, you may be more prone to dry skin. If you can, you should stick with moisturising soaps like Olay and Dove, or even consider soap-free options. Whatever you do, you must avoid perfumed and deodorant soaps as they can strip away natural oils.

Apply Moisturiser

As part of your skincare routine, you mustn’t forget to moisturise your skin. Moisturising reduces the risk of skin problems and blemishes, and it fights wrinkles. When it comes to dry skin, moisturiser can be a big help too. Alongside using moisturiser, you should consider dermatological creams that you can purchase from Chemist Direct in Australia. If you suffer from dry skin on your hands, make sure you apply moisturiser immediately as it plugs the spaces between your skin cells and locks in moisture while your skin is damp.

Cover Up

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of dry skin. Whether you live in cities like Melbourne or Sydney, or you live in the outback, you will be all too aware of how hot it can get during the summer months. When you’re out and about under the sun, make sure you wear sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen shield you from harmful UV rays, it can also prevent premature aging, and lower the risk of skin cancer.

Purchase a Humidifier

Humidifiers are excellent for replacing moisture loss which can result in itchy, dry skin. If you keep your skin’s outer layer well hydrated, this will reduce water loss and keep out germs, irritants, and allergens. When the winter months come round, cold, dry air can wreak havoc on your skin, so make sure you purchase a humidifier for your bedroom.

No matter your age, gender, or lifestyle, most of us will need to manage dry skin at some point or another. If dry skin is impacting your day-to-day life, there are lots of strategies you can try out which can offer relief and boost your skin’s health.


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