Gift Ideas for your best friend staying far away from you

by Chatter DC News

Being in a long-distance relationship with your lover or with your BFF totally sucks! You can’t see them in person or talk to them whenever you feel like due to their busy schedule or time difference. But what hurts the most is after spending XYZ number of special days/ festivals together, you miss their presence in every one of those days. Nonetheless, time and distance are said to be the greatest teachers of life; they teach us something special about relationships and leading life that even our school/college textbooks couldn’t. That is to test the friendship whether it fades away with time or it deepens/intensifies with time. All thanks to the gifting industry, that we might be separated by distance, but still we are closer to their hearts as we choose to pamper our BFF with some sweet token of our unconditional love. If you are looking for some cool gift ideas to surprise your long-distance BFF with, then you need to give this article a read, right away.

  • Sweet Token Of Baked Love – Cakes are one such versatile gifts which don’t need any particular reason to be passed to our loved ones. It is an expression of love and friendship that is perfect to be even passed on to our best friends with or without any special occasion. You can look for some appealing by appetising friendship themed cake and get it delivered with cake delivery in Mumbai or whichever place that you are residing. Your long-distance BFF is sure to be on cloud nine as he/she figures out you have sent a cake for him/her.
  • Long-Distance Friends Mug – Let you BFF know that you miss him/her as you pass him a long-distance friends mug. Get his/her name personalised with a sweet friendship quote printed on it. It will remind him/her of those days when you both sat together in your balcony chilling with a cup of your favourite beverage in your hand.
  • Statement Friendship Jewellery – Something like a statement friendship bracelet or a neckpiece is sure to remind your BFF of the unconditional or eternal bond you both shared. He/she will love to flaunt your gifted piece of jewellery that he/she is blessed with a friendship that not many of us are, in this life.
  • Personalised Gifts – Melt your long-distance BFF’s heart into tears as you choose to surprise him/her with some uber-cool personalised gifts. Remind him/her of all those days filled with love, happiness and friendship wherein you both were updated with what’s going on in each other’s life. Get one of those memories personalised over a night lamp, photo frame, keychain, travel/bar accessory, etc. and pass it to your darling BFF. He/she will cherish it for the rest of his/her life.
  • Grooming/Skincare Set – Earlier, when your bestie was just a few blocks away from you, you could have let him/her know that you cared for him/her. But what about now? How is he/she taking care of him/herself or taking care of him/herself at all or not? So send a grooming/skincare set to him/her to secretly let them know that you care about their well being.
  • Explosion Box/Scrapbook – Take out all your old photo albums and get some of our love-filled memories with now long-distance BFF creatively arranged in an explosion box or a scrapbook. It is sure to melt his/her heart into tears, which is what will let him/her know that you miss him/her so much, every day.

So, what’s your pick gonna be?

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