How To Build The Perfect Snowman: A Guide

by Chatter DC News

For the lucky among us, there are many of life’s little pleasures that we get to enjoy throughout the season. In spring we might enjoy looking at the emerging wildlife or the new budding blooms that have stayed dormant throughout winter. In summer we might enjoy some ice cubes in our drinks or eat dinner outside to watch the sunset. Fall may see us kicking colorful leaves, buying the biggest scarves we can find, and trying all different varieties of hot chocolates. When we get to winter, there is also a ton of things we can enjoy, but one thing in particular can only happen when the conditions are right.
That’s right.
Building a snowman.

This piece will guide you on how you can create the best snow man you have ever created.

Make Sure You Have the Right Snow

There is such a thing as ‘the right snow’ when it comes to building a snowman, and if you have built one before, you will know why. You will not want snow that does not stick very well or won’t clump so you can mold it to where you need it to go. Snow that is also icy might not work very well either.
If you are faced with mountains of plush powdery goodness, then you have the ideal material to begin your masterpiece. If you find your snow is too “dry” and will not clump together, then use a sprinkle of water to act as a glue.

Bonus Tip:

This kind of snow is perfect to blow, and to save a bunch of time, and your back, you can use this neat hack to get the snow to where you need it to be. Cub Cadet snow blowers are a great tool to help you blow snow into controlled piles. This is not only brilliant for getting the snow in the right spot for your snowman, but it is also great for getting the snow away from where you do not want it to be, such as drives, pathways, and roads. Practical and fun!

Pick A Good Location

A good location for a snowman can mean many things.
Do you want your snowman to be a secret treasure just for you? Do you want the world to see what you have created?
Those questions need to be considered, along with where the sun hits on a particularly sunny winter day and where there is enough shelter from wind.
You do not want to put in all that effort for it to be knocked over within an afternoon!

Don’t Forget the Accessories

What makes a snowball look like a snowman? The features and accessories of course!

Here you can go wild. No one can tell you what your snowman should look like.
The classic for the nose is a carrot, something black for the eyes, and do not forget the buttons down the front so he can stay snug, but if you want to mix it up, you do you.

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