How To Create & Of Ancestry Acccount

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Ancestry account is one of the first step if you really want to match your DNA and explore more about your family details. Because, ancestry brings more closer to your family related to he past and the present story. For that, you need to create and activate the account of the ancestry.

You just need to follow the below steps and I trust me, you will not face any kind of the problem while creating the account. Because this article contains each and everything about the ancestry that you might be searching for.

How To Create Ancestry DNA Account For Free

  • Without having the email address, you cannot create the account of the Ancestry DNA. Because, here you need to share the address with the person who has already used it just to create their own ancestry account.
  • In that case, you have to create a new email address. Now its the time you fill the details in the required filed which may include your first name, last name, and email address.
  • Once you have filled the details, then confirm the email address and then re-enter the same email address again.
  • So, now its the time to create the password of the email address. Just create the password and then again re-enter the password in the confirm field.
  • Make sure that the password should contains the 8 characters and must contain at least 1 number and at least 1 letter or any symbol.
  • As we all know that passwords are case-sensitive and must be different from others. So, click on the continue option and now account of the ancestry is ready which is totally free of cost.

How To Activate Ancestry For My Account

  • Just to activate the ancestry kit, you need to first signed in to your account. In case, you have not signed in then firstly sign in to the account.
  • Now enter the this link and then enter the code of the activation and then click on the next option. Make sure that the you have to enter the codes without including the hyphens.
  • If you are activating the ancestry kit for yourself then click your name and the click on the next. Now if you are using this kit for the minor child then click on my child and properly follow the direction.
  • Well, in case of adult, then click on someone else and then follow the direction for the someone else. Now its the time to enter the birth year and enter the sex and then click on next option.
  • Please read the DNA processing consent properly. From the consent, select the Review and consent and then click on the Next. Sometimes person decline he consent, then you cannot activate your ancestry kit.
  • If you really want to store the sample then click on I give consent otherwise click on I do not give consent. Now click on Next.
  • According to your wish you can see the matches of the DNA and even you can also be listed as a match. So, click on Yes or No to see your DNA matches.
  • Here you can also see your biological family also. You just need to simply click on Yes and No according to your preference.
  • Even you can see your DNA matches by your name, username, regions and communities also. You just need to click on your name or your username whatever option you choose.
  • However, in the section of the notification, if you really want to receive the updates about the status of the kit. Then click on Yes and enter your phone number. Please Click on Next.
  • Just to receive the emails about your DNA kit and the result based on your DNA. Click on Yes. Now in the review section, check the information that you have entered and then click on submit and activate kit.
  • On the ancestry page, you can check the status of your DNA kit and selecting Your DNA Results Summary. Now this way, you can check your status.

Final Words

Well, after reading out this article till the end now you can better understand about How to create the ancestry account and how to activate the ancestry of your account. So, in the end, I hope you will better understand this article. In case you have any query regarding this article. Then let us know in the comment section.

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