How to keep your elderly pet happy

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If there is one thing that’s awful about owning pets, it’s watching them get old. Of course, it’s better to watch them get older than have their already short lives cut off when they are still little, but it is still heartbreaking to see our beautiful bundles of joy become the shadows of what they once were. As awful as it is to see, they can still be made happy and show you the love that they might struggle to show so much in their old age. Here is how you can help to make your elderly pet happy and keep them feeling safe and secure in their last few years.

Ensure they feel well looked after

When it comes to making sure that old pets stay happy, it is imperative that you keep them clean. Keeping animals clean does a lot for their general happiness, and anyone who has owned an old dog will tell you that their fur goes greasy and wiry and therefore requires a little more grooming to keep it feeling healthy and young. By taking them to professional dog groomers, you can keep them a lot happier. To keep them happier still, it would be best to go to local groomers, like dog grooming in Arizona, so they aren’t stuck in the back of a car for hours on end getting hot and irritable.

Keep pace with them, and don’t make them feel like it’s a rush to do anything

Dogs like to keep up with their owners. They are constantly over-excitable and ready to go until they reach a certain point in their lives and all of that just switches off. It starts taking them a long time to finish their food, they won’t run anywhere, and it will take them a long time to wake up and come around. The best thing you can do is be patient with them and not get frustrated. Otherwise, they will pick up on that and get stressed. As we all know, stress does no good to an old animal’s heart.

Support them

Lastly, your pets need to feel as supported as they supported you when they were younger. Helping them through any medication that they might be on can be really helpful to them. In addition, Cuddles and treats and lots of company time can help them feel happier and help improve their health, which can also help with their medication.

Giving your pets the best life

When it comes to seeing our furry friends get older, it gets hard for us. It gets hard for them too. They also need the highest support as they are nearing their time to cross the rainbow bridge, so you need to keep a good pace with them to keep up with you and be supportive through their trails. Making sure they feel pampered in their last few years can help them too. Giving your animals the best life possible is incredibly important, and that shouldn’t change as they get old.

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