How to Make Your Wardrobe Summer-Ready

by Chatter DC News

Spring is an exciting time of year. The days grow longer, the flowers bloom, and the ice starts to loosen its grip. With hot summer days around the corner, it is time to adjust your wardrobe to prepare for the heat. After all, you don’t want to hit the beach in knee-high boots and a leather jacket!

Declutter and Donate

First, you should go through each item in your wardrobe and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to put away for another season. This chore might take some time depending on how many clothes you own, but you will have a much easier time building a summer wardrobe when your unwanted items are out of the way.

Put the Winter Clothes Away

While some winter pieces have their place in a summer wardrobe (such as a light jacket or even some boots), items like winter boots, heavy coats, and wool hats can go away for another six months or so. Doing this will free up more room for summer items and give you more space to see what your options are each morning.

Find Fresh Summer Dresses

If you like wearing dresses, then now is the perfect time to splash out on some gorgeous summery frocks. There are plenty of different types to choose from, from floral maxi dresses to backless minis, so you are sure to find the type that suits your style and body shape. If you want to save some cash while shopping for great dresses, visit for urban outfitters coupons.

Plenty of Shorts

Shorts are crucial for summer. They’re easy to put on, let your legs breathe, and allow you to get a tan while walking around. Keep plenty of shorts at the front of your wardrobe for the days you simply want to sit on the porch or head over to the local park for a walk.

Prioritize Breathable Shoes

During a hot summer, the last thing you want is sweaty feet in unbearably thick shoes, so put your boots to the back and bring forward the most breathable shoes you own. These could include sandals, ballet flats, and flip-flops – any shoe that keeps you nice and cool!

Aside from your work outfits, you are unlikely to want to wear shirts and blazers during your summer. Make sure you have plenty of t-shirts and tank tops on hand to pair with shorts on the sunniest days and enjoy the freedom they allow. Just make sure you remember the sunscreen!

Don’t Forget Accessories

The best part of a summer wardrobe is the accessories. Think designer sunglasses, straw handbags, swimsuits, flower crowns, and floppy hats. Alongside your summer-friendly clothes, make sure you have enough accessories to keep yourself safe from the sun while looking endlessly stylish.

Every person’s perfect summer wardrobe will look different depending on their style, but by getting the basics down and prioritizing staying cool and comfortable, you can enjoy the heat while looking great.


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