How to Program Blackweb Universal Remote BWA18AV007

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A blackweb universal remote helps you to setup your remote control for all home electronics devices. Sometimes our device remote is misplaced or damaged and not in working condition to operate the device functions. In that situation we need to find a new device remote or replace it with a universal remote. The blackweb universal remote has the properties to program and operate multiple devices using a single remote control. You can program up to 6 devices using a single remote control. Programming the remote control is easy when you have working universal remote codes. So first you need to find out blackweb universal remote codes for BWA18AV00. Below on the same page we have also added a list of codes of all the major remote brands for you to choose from. You can select any code for your remote brand and program your blackweb universal remote control.

Blackweb Universal Remote pcl-x Code List

A wide range of blackweb universal remote codes list is available below on the same page. We have added all types of codes of all major remote brands. You need to select the codes according to your remote code list version. Based on that your remote will work with 5 digit, 4 digit or 3 digit codes. So you just need to go through our blackweb remote codes list and select a suitable code to program your blackweb universal remote control. If your remote doesn’t work after programming the remote control, then you need to choose any alternative remote control codes and repeat the programming process.

Blackweb Universal Remote Codes for DVD Player

It’s common to have multiple electronics and home entertainment devices for everyone nowadays. But, for that we need to manage multiple remotes as well and we got confused many times to select the correct remote at the right time. To get rid from this trouble you can configure a universal blackweb remote with your TV and DVD player. You need to program your DVD player to work with your blackweb universal remote likewise the TV device. You need to use the same programming process and select the device category as dvd player and also use the blackweb soundbar remote codes of your DVD player brand. There are multiple codes listed for a single brand so if a remote code doesn’t work for you then you need to try using another remote control code.

How to Program Blackweb Universal Remote BWA18AV007 Without Code

There are several methods available to program and pair a blackweb BWA18AV007 universal remote to TV or any other electronics device. You can set up your universal remote using keycode, manual entry or auto code search method. You can select any of these methods as per your choice but you may need to have valid blackweb universal remote codes. If you don’t find working remote codes to program the remote control then you can go with an auto-code search method. In this method, the remote will scan the code library of your device and select the code from that to set up the remote control. Follow the below given steps to program your remote control without codes:

  • Manually turn on the device you wish to program using the blackweb universal remote.
  • Press and hold on the PROGRAM key.
  • The power key of your remote will blink once to indicate that your remote is in programming mode.
  • Choose the device category button that you are programming like TV, Blu-ray or DVD.
  • Point out the remote control at the device and tap & hold the OK keys.
  • The device will be switched off, release the OK key immediately to store the remote code.

Final words:

Write to us how you feel about our black remote programming article via the comment section available below. We have added all types of universal remote codes along with a detailed step by step programming process of blackweb universal remote. Also, let us know if you are looking for any new universal remote codes that are not yet available here.


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