Hyperbaric Chamber Cost and Other Expenses Associated with HBOT Treatment

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive oxygen treatment that imparts 100% oxygen to the human body. This improves oxygen concentration in the bloodstream, which delivers more oxygen to the brain. It enhances tissue regeneration, promotes angiogenesis, and mobilizes stem cells. For this reason, HBOT treatment can solve multiple health issues, including tissue damage, wounds, decompression sickness, etc.

Considering the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, multiple patients with recurring needs either purchase HBOT units or receive regular treatment through a facility. Below we have explained the factors that can help you decide the hyperbaric chamber cost. Read on.

Hyperbaric Process

Generally, under normal circumstances, our body receives and carries oxygen through red blood cells. These cells are responsible for taking oxygen to the brain, tissues, and other body organs.

But, in a hyperbaric chamber, the patient is present in a pressurized unit receiving 100% oxygen. The increase in pressure during HBOT therapy increases oxygen saturation or concentration in the body. This is because the oxygen can traverse through body fluids, including plasma, lipids, and cerebral spinal fluids.

This action enables the oxygen to reach deprived tissues and blood vessels. Once the supply of oxygen in the body improves, the recovery rate increases and the tissue regeneration process is stimulated in the brain.

As a result, even patients with severe illnesses start recovering, such as in case of traumatic brain injury, ASD, post-traumatic stress disorder, and diabetic ulcers.

During the HBOT treatment, the concerned patient needs to enter a pressurized chamber, which contains a cabinet for medicine, mattress, glass window, and other monitoring equipment. A medical professional is always present in the room to supervise the session and guide you in case you face any issues.

Hyperbaric Chamber Cost

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped multiple individuals over the years. From chronic conditions like TBI, autism, and PTSD to less severe conditions such as wounds and decompression sickness, HBOT can help in relieving symptoms in multiple cases.

However, the money that you need to spend on hyperbaric treatment is different in different cases. It varies according to multiple factors discussed below. Check how the following elements can impact your hyperbaric chamber cost.

Type of Condition

Two types of conditions can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy: on-label and off-label. The type of condition you are trying to treat impacts your hyperbaric chamber cost.

  • The on-label conditions are the ones that the FDA has approved for HBOT therapy. For instance, HBOT is a valid FDA-approved treatment for decompression sickness.
  • The off-label conditions are the ones that the FDA has not yet approved for HBOT therapy. For instance, COVID-19, Autism, etc.

If you receive an on-label treatment, then it may be covered in your insurance and you can get the treatment from any hospital that offers HBOT.

If you receive an off-label treatment, then there are chances that you may have to pay for the treatment on your own. This is because your insurance may contain a clause, which may refuse payment for off-label treatment.

Other than this, off-label HBOT treatments are severe conditions that require additional care from the staff and medical professionals. Hence, the treatment cost is naturally more than on-label treatments.

Treatment Location

The location of your therapy can also impact the cost of your hyperbaric treatment. Although a lot of hospitals and clinics offer HBOT therapy, insurance plan acceptance creates an issue. If your clinic or institution accepts insurances of major types, then you can receive the therapy at slightly lower costs.

However, it is highly likely for hospitals to only offer treatment for on-label conditions. So you may have to struggle to find a clinic that not only offers off-label HBOT treatment but also accepts your insurance plan. In this case, your costs may be normalized. Otherwise, you may need to pay for the therapy from your own pocket.

Here, you also need to consider if you need to purchase a home hyperbaric chamber. The hyperbaric chamber cost in this case may be more but it is a long-term investment. Therefore, the long-term cost is quite less.

Symptoms Severity

Another major factor that influences your hyperbaric chamber cost is the severity of your condition. If you need fewer sessions of HBOT therapy, then your cost would be less. If you require consistent and more number of sessions for recovery, then cost would be more.

Therefore, in severe conditions, it is suggested for the patient to purchase a hyperbaric chamber for personal use. The hyperbaric chamber cost is more in this case. But, as already discussed, it is beneficial since you may be able to use the chamber for at least 10 years.

Risk of Treatment

In certain situations, the risk of treatment also impacts the cost of treatment. If you are receiving treatment for contagious conditions like COVID-19, then you may have to pay more. Here, your insurance might also not cover the cost.

Your overall expenses would increase as the support staff and doctors need to take extra measures to keep you and other patients safe.


If your health condition regularly demands hyperbaric oxygen therapy, then there’s no harm in purchasing a home HBOT unit. However, before moving ahead with this decision, consult your doctor, and then calculate the estimated cost. Once you know the possible hyperbaric chamber cost, clarify your budget, and make the purchase. Remember to always keep your doctor in the loop even in-home therapy.


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