Preparing for the arrival of your new puppy

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A house is not a home without a furry animal companion. Dogs make particularly good family pets as they are boisterous and fun-loving and, like kids, have bags of energy that need to be burned off regularly. It is an exciting time if you have decided to complete your family by getting a new puppy; however, there are certain preparations you need to make to ensure that your puppy thrives in his new environment.

Consider what type of puppy and where you will find him

Different dog breeds have different qualities and personalities, so it is worth considering which breed best suits your family. For instance, a Golden Retriever makes a great pet for families with young children, as they are patient, affectionate, and fun-loving. However, if you have your heart set on a certain breed, such as a cute pug or adorable cockerpoo, make sure that you do your research and buy from a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, all too often, puppies are bred in puppy farms that place making a profit above the welfare of the animals. Avoid this by checking out your local animal shelter, as unwanted puppies are regularly brought in. By adopting from a shelter, you will be playing your part in putting an end to the illegal puppy trade.

Find a vet

It is important to register your new puppy with a trusted veterinarian clinic, such as easyvet, as soon as possible after bringing it home. Your vet should provide a new puppy exam to check over your new arrival and make sure that he has a clean bill of health. New puppy exams usually include core vaccinations; flea, tick, and heartworm treatment; microchipping; and general health screening. Your vet is also a huge source of information regarding other puppy care issues, such as nutrition and exercise, which can be hugely informative if you are a first-time dog owner. With the help of a trusted vet and regular check-ups, you can ensure that your puppy enjoys the best of health into adulthood.

Buy the supplies you need

Puppies require certain equipment and other supplies to ensure that their needs are met and are comfortable in their new home. Though it is easy to get carried away and buy lots of expensive puppy supplies that they don’t necessarily need, there are some essentials. A bed, food and water bowls, toys, a collar and leash, and poo bags are some puppy essentials that you should have ready and waiting before you bring your new friend home. You should also have a supply of appropriate puppy food, which your vet will be able to advise you upon.

Book puppy training classes

Your new puppy will require some training to ensure that he learns how to behave with other dogs and around humans. Puppy training classes are a fun way to teach your puppy essential obedience skills so that he grows up to become the perfect family dog for many years to come.


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