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Most of you have heard of the pure lavender essential oil before. There are so many use of this oil, that you will be thrilled to bits. Moreover, this is one soothing oil that can calm your anxiety and your senses. Furthermore, experts have touted it as the most purchased oil. Yes, it has to be. It has so many uses. You can use it as a perfume, in incense or also in dried herbs.

Uses of Lavender

People are successfully using it in relaxation, to treat anxiety, in fungal infections, allergies, and depressive symptoms. Moreover, one of its most popular uses is in treating sleep disorders. It is used as a multi-purpose essential oil today. Probably, because it has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic functions.

It has successfully treated most varieties of allergies today. Many health experts as well as aromatherapists have suggested using it with lemon oils and peppermint oil combinations. Lavender acts as a natural antihistamine in most cases.

Many beauty experts have recommended using pure lavender essential oil with mascara, to facilitate lash growth. Isn’t that interesting? Your lashes mat grow thicker and longer. That is what the experts are saying today. Moreover, they kill small microbes like mites.

The wonder oil has also proven useful in many cases, like that of alopecia. Many proponents of this tip have advised mixing of lavender, thyme, and rosemary together with a good carrier oil and applying it on bald patches.

Improving Health With Lavender

You can take this oil orally, apply it on the skin and also breathe it in. There are so many avenues. Aromatherapy suggests inhalation of this oil, to open up all senses. Lavender oil benefits the skin in various ways. It has the ability to lessen acne, kelps to reduce marks and also reduce wrinkles. It also aids in digestion and improves hair health.

Acne Treatment

Many people have successfully used pure lavender essential oil with another carrier oil to treat acne. It also reduces inflammation of the skin. You can also use it to unclog your pores. You must remember to dilute it with a coconut oil and then use it. Moreover, you can also prepare a facial toner with the lavender essential oil and use it on the affected areas.

Soothes Skin Diseases Like Eczema

Eczema is a dry itch sort of disease, that can occur anywhere on the body. It may be mild as well as chronic and severe. You can cleanse the skin with the pure lavender essential oil in diluted form. Today, nay aestheticians have also use the oil successfully to treat skin spots and darkened areas. It reduces the redness of the skin. It can also soothe wrinkles and make the skin smooth. So, you have an arsenal of sorts in one single oil.

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