Three popular bought products at an online smoke shop that you may enjoy

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online smoke shop

When it comes to smoking tobacco or cannabis, there are many apparatuses available. The easiest way to buy a new smoking device is by shopping at an online smoke shop. Shopping online is convenient, and anything that you purchase from an online smoke shop will be delivered right to your door in discreet packaging.

An online smoke shop like The Freeze Pipe will have a wide variety of products available. You will not have any problem finding the smoking device that you are looking for. Some of the top products to purchase from an online smoke shop include:

Pipes Made from Different Materials

Pipes are incredibly popular for smoking tobacco or cannabis. A pipe’s small size makes it easy to store or transport. Glass and metal pipes tend to be the most popular. But pipes made of bamboo, plastic, and wood are also available.

Glass pipes are made of very thick glass, so they are very durable. Some simple pipes are made of clear glass, but higher-quality glass pipes incorporate a variety of colors. Many glass pipes are very beautiful and look like pieces of art. When cleaned and stored properly, a glass pipe can last for many years.

Metal pipes lack the beauty of intricately designed glass pipes, but they tend to be more affordable. These types of pipes are offered in a variety of sizes. You can choose to buy a one-hitter or a pipe with a large bowl. For the best durability, opt for a metal pipe made of anodized aluminum or titanium.

Bongs of Varying Sizes

Many people who smoke regularly want to own at least one bong. The body of a bong consists of a mouthpiece, chamber, downstem, and carb. There is also a removable bowl where tobacco or cannabis is placed. Water is added to the chamber of a bong to help filter the smoke. Adding ice to a bong is also common and provides a smoother smoking experience.

Bongs come in a variety of sizes, from several inches tall to a few feet tall. A general rule of thumb is that the bigger the bong, the bigger the hit you will receive. Most bongs are made of either glass or acrylic.

Bubblers to Meet Your Needs

Bubblers can be thought of as a hybrid of a pipe and a bong. They are small in size like a pipe, and usually similar in shape. But, like a bong, a bubbler has a chamber where water is added to filter the smoke. If you can only buy one smoking device, a bubbler is a good option due to its versatility. Glass and acrylic bubblers tend to be the most popular with consumers.


An online smoke shop offers everything a smoker may need without ever having to leave the house. In addition to pipes, bongs, and bubblers, most online smoke shops also offer other products. You can count on an online smoke shop when you need rolling papers, CBD products, dab rings, e-nails, grinders, or weighing scales.

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