Tips for Becoming a Better Recruiter

by Chatter DC News

Recruitment is a very difficult job that requires you to have a wide range of skills and experiences. Not only do you have to be able to communicate effectively with both individuals and organizations, but you also have to manage deadlines, complete technical tasks, and work under pressure. The list below outlines some of the most useful tips to help you to become a better recruiter.

1. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology has completely transformed the way that people live their lives and how businesses operate. Luckily for recruiters, there are specific technologies that can help you become better at your job, namely, ATS Software. ATS Software stands for Application Tracking Software, that has in-built intelligence that can be used to inform and automate recruiting processes. This software can help you more effectively manage routine recruitment processes and access invaluable information you can use to make more informed decisions.

2. Take a Sales Approach

Another useful way to become a better recruiter is to approach your job as if it was a sales position. The reason that this approach is so useful is that it transforms the onus of responsibility from the prospective candidate to you. It is not simply up to the candidate to sell themselves, but it is also up to you to sell the job to as many people as you can. Of course, you need to ensure you are always acting within reason.

There is no point contacting your entire address book asking if anyone wants the position. You also will always need to ensure that you are never making promises or assumptions that cannot be met. However, taking a sales-based approach can help you to reframe your job and become more active and motivated.

3. Learn About Employee Engagement

The more that you learn about employee engagement, the more qualified you are to accurately ascertain how appropriate a prospect is for a specific role. Employee engagement is a concept that describes the relationship an employee has with their work and the organization they are working for. An engaged employee is absorbed in their work and has an emotional connection to their employing organization.

This relationship motivates that an engaged employee will go above and beyond to further the reputation and interests of the organization they are working for. Understanding what makes employees engaged will provide you with the knowledge you need to make more valuable recruitment decisions and identify the best candidate for the job.

4. Treat Every Candidate like an Individual

After spending long days looking over CVs it can be all too easy for recruiters to forget to see a candidate as an individual. However, it is vital that you try to treat every candidate as an individual who has unique values, skills, and experiences. This will help you to more appropriately judge who the best candidate for the role is as you are more aware of an individual’s characteristics. By treating candidates as individuals, you can better spot the potential and possibilities in everyone that you meet.


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