Top Tips for Organizing the Office Christmas Party

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The office Christmas party is a fantastic opportunity to let your hair down and relax after a long year of hard work.

This is an event that everyone in the office can look forward to and enjoy together before they take some time off for the holidays. With the entire company in attendance, it is a great way for people to make new friends at the office, as well as for people to reconnect with those they might not interact with very often.

Although the work Christmas party is an event for everyone to enjoy, it might be down to one or two people to organize the event. If this responsibility falls on you this year, then the following top tips will be very helpful!

Find the Perfect Venue

It is sometimes the case that the office Christmas party will actually take place in the office. However, this is usually not ideal and might discourage people from truly letting go and having a good time. You might simply not have space within the building to host a suitable event.

Taking the party somewhere else is a great way to get people to push thoughts of work from their minds and enjoy the festivities. There are surely several great restaurants, bars, or entire venues for hire local to your office.

Be sure to go and check out a venue before you agree to host your party there. You will want to make sure it is the right size for all of your guests and that you know what is going to be included, such as food, drink, and facilities.

Hire a Mobile Bartender

If you are hosting your work Christmas party in a venue that does not have a bar, then you will definitely want to hire a mobile bartender.

Specialist event companies, such as Event Bartenders, will bring the party to you and can add a serious touch of elegance to any event. It can be a good idea to hire a mobile bartender who is going to supply all of the alcohol and glassware so that you do not have to worry about any of this.

Office parties can be great fun for all involved, but when people do not know each other well, then free alcoholic drinks can help people to get in the party mood. This is one of the many reasons why an event bartender is essential.

The Best Entertainment

An office Christmas party at a bar or restaurant is a wonderful way to bring the team together. However, adding an entertainment aspect to the night is a great way to ensure everybody has an amazing time.

Hiring a band to play throughout the night is a great idea. You might also consider going one step further and getting a comedian to do a set at your event.

The entertainment for the evening can be a surprise for everyone to enjoy, or you can let people know about it in advance of the party.

Adding entertainment to the evening is the perfect way to go the extra mile and show everybody that their hard work throughout the year is truly appreciated.

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