What is CBD Vape Juice, and where can you buy it?

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The legalization of marijuana ensued an unrivaled growth in the cannabis industry. The market of medical marijuana crossed over 500 Million Dollars in 2019. The current consumption of CBD products is by 16.2% of the population. Till 2024, the statistics remain almost the same. Taking advantage of CBD oil, vape-users have been able to add a variety of flavors to their puff.

Insights about CBD Vape Juice.

If you are inquisitive about CBD products, you should know that CBD vape juices are not CBD oils at all. CBD oil uses nicotine as the foundation of its product. In contrast, CBD vape juice uses cannabidiol as its primary ingredient. Vape juices are available in flavors such as vanilla, fruity, lemonade, and much more.

Vaping CBD does not get you high. The key components of vape juices are Vegetable glycol (VG), Propylene glycol (PG), and Cannabidiol (CBD).

A brief on CBD, PG, and VG

  • Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally produced compound of the marijuana plant. It has been proven beneficial for treating chronic pain, sleeping disorders, depression, and anxiety. CBD can be a solution for people who prefer non-psychoactive drugs for mental ailments. Available in various forms such as spray, oil, cosmetics, and edibles, CBD has easily camouflaged many people’s lives. Notably, the social stigma of “marijuana” in CBD treatment is ceasing, and people are opening up about the consumption of cannabis in their daily lives.
  • Vegetable glycol is a clear liquid that is derived from vegetable oil. It is used for its purifying properties and is widely used in beauty and health products. VG in vape juice is used to bring out the dense vapor clouds from each puff.
  • Propylene glycol substitutes the properties of nicotine in vape juice. It is thinner in consistency and provides the base of a colorless and odorless liquid in the juices. Chain smokers enjoy the satisfactory throat hit they get by the use of PG in e-liquids.

None of these ingredients are supposed to cause exhilaration in people.

Acknowledging the Types of Vape juices

There are mainly three types of vape juices available. Namely, whole plant CBD, full-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

  • Whole-plant CBD is the reason behind the earthy taste of e-liquids. It contains Hemp oil with low concentrations of THC, which leaves behind a bitter aftertaste.
  • Full-spectrum CBD E-liquids contain CBD in all the available forms. It is deliberately extracted in a manner that no compounds fall into deficit.
  • Isolate CBD, as the name suggests, contains high quantities of CBD with white crystalline powder. Isolate CBD undergoes several steps of purification. However, the ratio between powder and CBD is decided by the manufacturers.

Where can you Buy CBD Vape Juice?

Local shops

CBD vapes can be spotted in vape dispensaries. Several brands and products pop up every day. Many prefer local dispensaries to physically check out all the various products and flavors and even try out samples. This helps them make informed decisions, and they are less likely to regret their purchase.


Diversification of the cannabis market was noted when they became available in the e-market. CBD vape juices can easily be availed online. However, if you want to buy CBD vape juice, make sure the source is reliable. Make sure you do not trust the brands who hide their lab results. It might be possible that they use illegal concentrations of components. It could result in detrimental side effects.

Before You Buy

CBD can be like watching a comic movie. It makes you feel good without necessarily leaving you intoxicated. Getting hold of the right CBD vape juice can be tricky. Since vaping is a relatively new method in the industry, studies and research are inefficient to state the best long-term results. Nevertheless, keep these points in mind before purchasing Vape juice, either online or from dispensaries:

Identifying the components

Purchase the juice only if the label suggests proper compositions of the ingredients. Keep away from harmful substances like formaldehyde, MTC oil, and PEG 400. A study established the respiratory complications, like asthma, associated with these ingredients. Abstain yourself from purchasing CBD with greater than 0.03% of THC concentration.

Company Status

Study the company minutely before purchasing any products from them. Several investigations show that manufacturers contaminate CBD products with illegal amounts of CBD and THC. A reputed or accredited company would not sell illicit products.

Price of the product

The pandemic has lit up the sale of CBD products in the black market. Get the best values on brands and products.

Packaging of the Product

As mentioned earlier, the sale of CBD in black is a growing problem. Fraudsters change one or two-letter(s) of the product while packaging. It is a trick to earn money to kick-start their market. It might look menial but establishes a scope of health risks caused by puffing harmful substances.

Identifying the correct dosage:

Personal factors such as height, weight, bone structure, CBD tolerance, and the ailment should be considered before determining the accurate dosage. For example, if you are vaping CBD for chronic pain, you might require higher doses than someone consuming CBD for better sleep.

Doctors have prescribed certain dosages that govern the CBD strengths:

  • Low – 50-200mg
  • Medium – 200-500 mg
  • High – 500-2000 mg
  • Very High – 2000-4000 mg

Note that these are the concentrations of an entire CBD bottle. Divide the amount per milli-liter to get the exact amount of vape.

Effects of CBD vape juice

CBD Vape juices have reported potential convenience in people dealing with:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Acne.

However, some people agonize over diarrhea, dry mouth, and tiredness.

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Final Thoughts

The recent pandemic outbreak has emanated the online transaction of CBD products throughout the world. Check for state-licensed dispensaries that might provide CBD online. Trusted sources might help purchase vape juices. Too cloudy, thin, or thick vapes can cause irreparable harm to the body. Before buying a product, study the third-party lab investigations properly.

Doctors are still unsure about the exact therapeutic doses of CBD. Be aware of the effects of Vape juices before determining their dosage.

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