Where to Turn for a Career in Helping Others

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Have you recently started to feel like your career has grown stagnant or like you are trapped in a perpetual cycle of monotony at work? You would certainly not be alone.

As many people worldwide have watched the past year through the lens of uncertainty, career satisfaction is a concept worth striving for.

Success is difficult to measure and perhaps best left to the subjective outlook of the individual in question. For some, a successful career means climbing the corporate ladder to grasp the biggest pay cheque possible, but for others, success is determined upon their ability to help society progress in any way they can. It is worth noting; however, the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

If you have recently found yourself in the latter category and would like to retrain for a more meaningful career in time for a post-pandemic world, you can rest assured that there are many options worth considering for the empathic personalities among you.

Here are some tips you may find useful to think about if you want to change direction and embark on an exciting new journey.

Residential Care

In an effort to look after an entire generation, many people decide to turn towards residential care for the elderly, an immensely fulfilling role that comes with the opportunity to spend your time in a diverse community of individuals.

The chance to work with like-minded individuals on an everyday basis can lead to a more satisfying career, one in which you can help others achieve a happy and contented life.

Ideal for anyone craving human interaction and regular social calls, it is a far cry from the regular office life.

There are many different avenues to explore; from opening your own residential care facility to working in an administration capacity, there are roles that can suit a host of various people. You may wish to consider enrolling in an RCFE class to begin exploring an invigorating new path.


A well-educated society is the first step towards an idyllic future. Unfortunately, education is not always as easy to obtain as it should be. If you desire to help the whole of society in the present and prepare it for the future, retraining as a teacher might be the way forward.

There is a good chance you might be able to think back to a time when a teacher made a significant, positive impact in your formative years. This can be a wonderful experience that you too can give to somebody else as a teacher, hopefully changing their lives for the better.

If you have felt yourself becoming disillusioned with your current career, or as though you lost sight of your passion for your line of work, it might be worth thinking about utilizing your specialist knowledge and your own experiences to help others in the classroom.

Access to training is perhaps easier than ever before with the rise of online learning, and there are a huge number of courses available at the touch of a button. Moreover, many of them are designed to be flexible in an effort to accommodate your current commitments.


The world of therapy is so diverse and accommodating; there is a path for practically anyone to explore. From psychoanalysis to cognitive behavioral therapy, there are avenues of training available for both creative and logical minds alike.

Nearly 30 percent of Americans have sought therapy during the coronavirus pandemic, which might be indicative of the societal need to nurture one’s mental health in the wake of a turbulent few years.

If you wanted to directly help others on a one-to-one basis, offering meaningful support and guidance, then lending your time and dedication to a new career in therapy could be perfect for you.

Some of the options worth considering include drama therapy, art therapy, equestrian therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. There is a vast range of areas to specialize in, catering to many individuals.

The journey can be a long one but immensely rewarding. The financial benefits are also rife in the world of therapy, especially for accomplished professionals with lengthy careers.

You can also have the opportunity to develop your own understanding of the self alongside your everyday work, widening your perspective, values, and world views as you interact with individuals from all walks of life.


Recent world events have helped put more emphasis on the overwhelming need for medical professionals and their innate benefits to a global society. Nurses have been in demand in the United States for a while, making it a great career option for those of you who are keen on helping others and making a positive impact on the very foundations of society itself.

An incredibly respected, hard-working, and rewarding profession, becoming a nurse is a superb way to start making a hands-on difference in your own backyard.

Nursing is a perfect role for those of you who possess a genuine passion for helping others, the ability to take on responsibility, and the desire to be around an exciting, fast-moving, ever-evolving landscape of work.

Some of the key skills needed that you may already possess are communication prowess, empathy, understanding, passion, and integrity. If you often think about current society and what could be done to make a positive difference, nursing can be a great profession to turn to.


Starting an entirely new career can be exceptionally challenging and not always financially viable when taking retraining and education into account. Sometimes, the time just is not right.

Volunteering can be a good alternative for those of you in a similar position, as you can have the chance to help others and work towards building a society of togetherness without having to give up your current career.

There are many volunteering opportunities available in a huge range of capacities, so it might be worth checking your local area, to begin with.

Finding purpose in your working life can be an extremely daunting effort, and offering your help to others might just be the direction you were looking for.

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