Why Are You the Best Candidate for This Position?

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One of the most common interview questions asked by hiring managers overall enterprises is “Why are you the best candidate for this position?” Other types of the interview question similar to this incorporate “why should we hire you?” and “what makes you think you are suitable/qualified for this position?”

Although these HR interview questions and their answers may appear to be simple to answer, but the recruiter is essentially attempting to figure out if you are undoubtedly preferable qualified over the other job competitors to whom the hiring manager has just met.

What the Interviewer Wants to Know

When a questioner asks this question, they don’t anticipate that you should contrast yourself with different competitors. By posing this inquiry, the questioner is surveying how well you understand the job and how sure you are in your skills and abilities.

You might be posed this inquiry in various forms as discussed above. Your response to the variation of the inquiry should continue as before—you should demonstrate you understand the job description and the organization, and how you can enable them to exceed expectations.

Tips For Answering ‘Why Are You the Best Candidate for This Position?’

Give Your Elevator Pitch

There is no better opportunity to flaunt the concise 30-second lift pitch that you have prepared than directly after you are inquired as to why you’re the top contender for the job post. If you have not yet made your lift pitch-now is the ideal opportunity to do as such! At its fundamental level-the, the elevator pitch is proposed to give the questioner an interesting review of your skills experience-abilities and attributes. Your elevator pitch should exhibit why you are an extraordinary applicant as well as the best possibility for the position.

Tailor Your Answer to the Job Listing

This is one of the best approaches to introduce yourself as the top contender for the current task. Your questioner is searching for a quite certain set of skills and attributes in each candidate and they have listed precisely what they are searching for in the job posting. If you haven’t done so as of now print out the first employment posting and study it cautiously. Focus on the list of required abilities and watch for any regular topics or duplications

. If the job posting refers to comparable things like “writing skills”- “strong communication skills” and “interdepartmental collaboration”- at that point you can wager that communication is a basic capability for the job. In this way, if you don’t fuse communication skills into your answer-you have a lower possibility of being chosen for the position.

Ensure Your Answer Reflects Corporate Values

While it is basic to exhibit your significant skills in your answer-remember that the questioner additionally needs to guarantee how you would be a good colleague. Set aside some effort to dig into the organization’s experience and discover as much as possible about it and its way of life.

Does the organization as often as possible give to noble purposes and do they put a great deal of accentuation on network administration? Provided that this is true you might need to refer to any charitable effort you have done-regardless of whether the humanitarian effort isn’t explicitly hands-on job posting.

Correspondingly if you notice the organization has built up a culture of superior client help talk about the amount you esteem client feedback and offer guides to grandstand how you exceed expectations in customer relations. Whenever you can reflect the organization’s qualities in your answer you will assist yourself with standing apart as an ideal fit for the job and the organization culture in general.

Find Out How You Can Hel the organization.

The more you think about the organization, the more grounded your answer will be. Search for hints about organization culture on the organization’s site and social networking channels, and see what gives the organization is looking by reading the latest news. But, don’t stop there.

if conceivable, set up informational meetings with individuals who right now work at the organization so you can find out about the way of life and the job. Or then again, research workers through LinkedIn, and check whether you share a connection with somebody at the organization. That somebody could maybe facilitate an introduction, which would permit you to pose inquiries either electronically or face to face.

Returning to your answer

Clarify how you can support the organization. For instance, if the organization referenced enthusiasm for expanding into foreign domains, and you have lived in one of those regions, figure out how to specify that in your answer—note your recognition with the way of life, and, if you communicate in the language, unquestionably underscore that!

Sample Answers for Why You’re the Best Candidate for the Job

Next, we should see two example answers for how you could address inquiries concerning why you’re an amazing individual for the job post.

Sample answer #1:

“I had seen the job description demands the requirement for someone who can sincerely work under pressure and oversee numerous accounts simultaneously. It seems like company and multi-tasking are imperative.

In my last job, I dealt with a minimum of 20 accounts every month, which included reacting to 10-50 messages, emails and voice messages every day, so I’m entirely open to taking care of a high-volume, high-pressure job this way. What did you find in my experience that made you welcome me for the interview? Was my investigation right as far as what you’re searching for in this job?”

Sample answer #2:

“I strongly believe that I am the best qualified applicant for this position due to the reason that I have direct involvement with numerous regions referenced in the job description, including client assistance and project leadership. Likewise, I’m enthusiastic about the software industry.

It’s been an industry that I’ve needed to get into since I started my professional, so I’m likewise profoundly energetic and eager to accomplish this work for your firm. Am I directly in imagining that your needs for this job are to discover somebody who can enable your client to support group and deal with certain tasks for your clients and customers? That is the impression I took from the job description.”


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