Wide Range of Toilet Seats on the Market

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Wide Range of Toilet Seats on the Market


Many people still believe that toilet seats are universal and you can easily fit randomly picked sizes to the market. Yet, it is not that simple. Each seat usually comes with specific instructions. If you are not sure which toilet seat you need, pay attention to the type of toilet you have since toilets for big and tall require different seat models. This article will help you to understand the difference.

Types of Toilet Seats

Basically, there are 2 types of seats. You may find other unique options, but they will be rather extraordinary. The market still offers only 2 variants, which are:

  • Soft close. A soft close has a spring mechanism inside of it. It guarantees the lack of noise while you put down the seat. Moreover, you will not be able to scratch the enamel of the toilet while closing the seat accidentally. You can’t put down the seat forcefully, or you will break it;
  • Standard close. The standard toilet seat can differ by its style as well. You may find traditional or contemporary models. It has a wide range of finishes you can choose from.


There are several different shapes of toilets on the market. For each shape, you may find the most suitable seat. Before you buy the seat, you need to understand which shape of toilet you have in the first place. There can be the next types:

  • Round. It’s one of the most popular shapes. Usually, you can find these seats more popular in Europe, but almost every seller can offer you at least several models with round seats.
  • Elongated or D-shapes. These toilets are popular in the US. You may find seats at any specific store.
  • Square. This one can be met rarely on the market, but still possible. Usually, you can such seats directly from toilet manufacturers.


The toilets can easily vary by size. You have to measure your own toilet before you buy the seat, since it may be too big or too small. Measure the length and width so you can understand which seat you need for the toilet. It must cover the enamel, but don’t hang from it. Here is how you can find the right size:

  • Check out the shape of the pan. If you are doubtful about it, ask the plumber or watch detailed videos on YouTube. You may also find the description in the instructions that came with the toilet;
  • Take 4 measurements, including the length, width, height, and distance between holes, so you can fix the seat on your own.

Perfect Seat for Your Toilet

Once you have taken the measurements, found the right shape, and decided upon the close you want, you can search for the model you need. Make sure that you like this seat in the first place and that all the features suit you. Read this article again before deciding to order anything.

Which type of toilet do you have? Have you ever used the soft close seat? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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