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One of the best email services is gmail even though there are many Email service provider Gmail outranked all of them due its versatile features, Gmail is an email service provided by Google. Gmail was released on April 1,2004 and named as Beta Version which was offering 1GB of storage per user. Later in July 2009 this service got upgraded to new fully established email service provider and made available free for all users, Gmail has got many features like sending Text, Photos, Videos and many more. Now the storage space of Gmail per user is 15GB includes Google+, Google drive. and it also have Paid plans giving 30TB Storage. You can send email upto 25MB including Text, Photos, Videos as attachments. Now lets see some of the features Of Gmail

Free Storage Space

Main feature which has attracted many users is its free disk space upto 15GB in which you can store Text, photos, videos in cloud and access them at any time and from anywhere.

Group Chat

Gmail have group chat option in which you can chat with your friends by accessing on groupchat button, also you can make voice calls using gmail for this you need search the friend you want to call and click on voice call option.

Google Hangouts

Unlike Skype Gmail offer Video chats upto 10 friends at a time and you can also record them, for this you need to click on Google hangouts option.

Numerous Custom Themes
there are number of themes available you can choose the best one and set is as background or you can make your own picture as a background.

Instant Access to Attached files
You can check attached files like photos,videos instantly without downloading them, they can be directly stored to your in google drive.
you can also separate the important emails and files by creating a separate lable and sending them into those lables, you can also access multiple gmail accounts by adding them.

For creating account in gmail just go to www.gmail.com, you will see page like below picture below. and click on create an account button, for creating Gmail account.

Now you will see a page like below:

enter all your detaile sand click on signup, that’s it now you created account in gmail and you can login to your account by  going to www.gmail.com and entering your Gmail ID and Password.
Still if you have any doubts in creating www.gmail.com comment below.


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