Top Reasons Increasing Surrogacy Costs

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Surrogacy helps to get parenthood to the couples who are unable to give birth babies as well as who wants single parenthood. This process work to collect eggs and sperms and fertilize in IVF or test tube then place in the uterus of the surrogate mother. The surrogacy process is quite critical and high costs involve completing the process in several steps.

Although the surrogacy motherhood costs are different in different countries and states but the costs are increasing worldwide. Several reasons are affecting the reasons for rapid increasing surrogacy costs. The causes including increasing daily living costs, living standard unavailability of donors and surrogate, etc. here we are describing the top reasons for increasing surrogacy costs worldwide.

Unavailability of Donors:

People become engaged with the surrogacy process when any of them in the couple is infertile that could be a man or woman or intended single father or intended single mother. In most of the surrogacy cases, eggs or sperm donors need to go through the process. Nowadays the number of intended parents is growing rather than increasing egg or sperm donors that are effecting to raising surrogate motherhood costs.

Surrogate Crisis:

The number of surrogacy intended parents is growing randomly but the interested surrogate mothers are not growing accordingly. However, the surrogate crisis is increasing that is effecting to increase surrogate motherhood costs. In recent years the world’s surrogacy costs raise around 30% only for the surrogate crisis because the biggest portion of surrogacy costs are happening to the surrogate.

Increasing IFV Costs:

IFV or Test Tube is the surrogacy technology where eggs and sperms are fertilized and make it ready to push in the surrogate uterus. Although nowadays the IVF technologies are more advanced but the IVF costs are also more than double than the last 10 years. Whether you are planning for surrogacy you can find surrogacy clinics where offer package services that will save your money if additional IVF attempts needed. Visit here to know more about maternità surrogata costi.

Increasing Pills Costs:

In the surrogacy process several types of medicines needed including the pills to make ready the surrogate, pills during pregnancy, and pills after delivery. The medicine’s costs are variable and the prices of the medicines are increasing frequently. Thus the overall medical costs are increasing that are affecting surrogate motherhood costs. The surrogate pills usually expensive than regular medicines adding increasing prices make the surrogate motherhood costs very high. Nowadays, some countries including Denmark and Netherlands have imposed additional taxes on reproductive medicines.


Surrogate motherhood is one of the modern clinical processes where several steps and components are involved and every step requires money. The daily living expenditures are increasing even the medical costs and pills costs are also increasing significantly that are affecting surrogate motherhood costs.

Although there are so many reasons that are influencing the surrogacy costs to be high. Often the manipulation and clinical syndicates are also reasons for increasing surrogacy costs. Whether you are thinking to involve in the surrogacy process you might consider the reasons described above. If you can keep in mind the reasons for increasing surrogacy costs then you can make your surrogacy budget smartly.

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