A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Motorcycle Gear for a Smooth Ride

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Just like everything else, safety is important even when you are driving a motorcycle. Whether you have been driving for 6 years or 6 months, on-road motorcycle gear helps you protect yourself.

There’s even an old acronym to define the situation: ATGATT. It means all the gear, all the time. A quick trip to the grocery store or the supermarket can be harmless, right? But you can never know the issues you might face even on this short trip. So, staying prepared every time is necessary.

However, selecting the right motorcycle shop near Whittier is a difficult task. What material do you need? What type of gear is absolutely necessary? How can you select the best one?

To answer all these questions, we have prepared a list of motorcycle gear that you need. We have also discussed the details of these gears. Read on for a clear understanding.

What Motorcycle Gear You Need?

Regardless of the motorcycle you own, Honda or Harley Davidson, motorcycle gear can protect you from noise, rain, wind, sun, and debris. Every gear that we have discussed below has a special purpose for motorcyclists.

For instance, you need a helmet to save yourself in case of a sudden unexpected crash or halt.

Check our list of motorcycle gear below.


Usually, this motorcycle gear is made with textile or leather. Considering the importance of this gear, only high-textile material is utilized for high abrasion resistance, water-resistance, and other such properties.

If you use leather jackets, then these are more durable and comfortable but only in some types of weather conditions. If you purchase a textile jacket from a motorcycle service near Whittier, it would be slightly more cost-efficient, less durable but suitable for multiple weather conditions.

However, while purchasing a jacket from a motorcycle service near Whittier, it is necessary to keep in mind that motorcycle gear is different. It is different from a normal leather jacket. These accessories have qualities like a strong stitch, improved strength, and suitable air vents. This means that if you are wearing a jacket while on a ride, your jacket won’t flap around. It will be snugly but still ventilate your body.


A revealing study states that 45% of motorcycle mishaps impact your chin and face. This means that if you are not using a helmet, there’s a high chance that you may injure your chin or face severely during the ride.

Other than securing your face from injury, a nice and sturdy helmet can save you from sunburn, wind, and bugs.

Here are a few things that you should consider in relevance to your helmet:

  • It is known that most good-quality helmets have a five-year lifespan. Once the helmet has crossed that stage, it is not useful. The adhesives and other material of the helmet can degrade. Hence, its performance would degrade.
  • The original purpose of a helmet is to take the energy that might impact your head or face during the crash. For this reason, never purchase a used helmet. This is because even a minor crash can leave unseen effects on the helmet. If you purchase this helmet, your purpose of the helmet won’t be fulfilled.
  • Use the right helmet for the right type of occasion. For example, street helmets are only suitable for when you are riding on the street.
  • Always purchase the helmet according to your head size and suitable shape.


It is necessary to support your motorcycle with steady ankles, legs, and feet on a slippery, unpredictable, and uneven surface. For that, you need boots that offer you non-slippery soles and oil-resistant support to your feet. This would save your feet from twisting and turning during a crash.

The boots create armor over your shin and ankles, which protects your ankle and feet while riding a motorcycle.


If you are wearing your normal jeans while riding a motorcycle, you can hurt yourself or bruise your knees even when a minor fall happens. This is because our daily wear cotton denim is not as abrasion-resistant as motorcycle gear pants.

Ideally, your motorcycle pants should be of textile and leather that has a certified armor rating. This would give you comfort as well as protection.


The best type of motorcycle gear is a full-body suit. You can receive the utmost protection and comfort with a suit. It is even extremely convenient. However, prefer a feasible zip-up suit, which is easy to wear and remove. For instance, head-to-ankle zipper suits are hassle-free.

This gear is especially useful for individuals who ride for adventure or to long distances. For other purposes, upper motorcycle gears may be enough.


Just like our ankles, our hands are also fragile. At the time of a crash, our first instinct is to protect our heads, and we tend to do it at the expense of our hands. Therefore, using good quality gloves would protect our hands.

These gloves would also offer an abrasion-resistant armor to control the bike in the right manner when riding.


Multiple risks are posed in front of the rider when on a motorcycle. For instance, weather variations require you to drive with full concentration without interruption to avoid any mishap. Motorcycle gears support you in these unpredictable conditions. Hence, check the above list, select and purchase some motorcycle gears, which are important(Helmet, Jacket, and Boots) and under your budget.

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