Business can get immense success with directional and wayfinding signage

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People enter a new business or store based on the sign displays which draw their attraction.

But how about harnessing the power of signage a step further? You can unleash the branding expansion with wayfinding and directional signage.

At Heritage Printing and Graphics, we offer a wide range of custom directional and wayfinding signsfor commercial and retail operations. Our nationwide visual communication network in studios prints an array of specialty signs as per your brand, space, budget, and business goal.

How can you utilize wayfinding and directional signage for your business?

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Directional and wayfinding signage are signs that are used by offices, businesses, and special events to display informative messages in particular.

Printed on numerous base substrates, directional signs are highly configurable and customizable according to the requirements. Majorly they are preferred by business houses for four significant applications.

  • To name buildings and rooms
  • To show directions
  • To denote particular areas and zones
  • To convey information

If you are looking for a customized directional signature for your business, we at Heritage Printing and Graphics can provide you with the best possible range of options. Being the one-stop solution for directional signage, we understand the requirements of our customers and create designs accordingly to fulfill the goals. If you are looking forward to discuss with an experienced designer, you can call us without any obligation and hesitation. Our project managers can assist you in making the right selection.

Benefits of working with Heritage Printing and Graphics

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No matter whether you want to encourage the traffic flow or guide people to the point of interest or simply show the route to visitors, our core team consisting of sign makers, designers and installers who can work in synchronization with you to ensure efficient and effective directional signage that communicates your message clearly.

Our expert signage makers can manufacture and design anything – from large scale signage to intricate fingerpost signs. What benefits can you obtain from us?

  • In-house designers for bespoke tailor-madesolutions according to your requirements
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Project management services, accompanied with a consultative approach.
  • Quick delivery services without delay
  • Survey of your site to design custom products
  • Experts in the specification, scoping and installation

Tips for designing effective directional signage

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Wayfinding and directional signs are usually straightforward but quite detail-oriented. From determining the appropriate placement for your directional signs, feature lighting to compliant and safe sign mountain, there are multiple outstanding practices for both outdoor and indoor directional signage.

  • Simple design

The designs for directional signage need to be clear, easy, and crisp to comprehend. Shades and colors that enhance or match your present branded color schemes should be employed. Also, old and simple to read fonts should be used so that people can read from afar and near. At Heritage Printing and Graphics, we design wayfinding and directional signs creatively to make them eye-catching enough for individuals to spot even from a distance, but never over-the-top to distract from the significant purposes.

  • Lighting

The right kind of lighting can create an outstanding impact on your signage. For indoor directional signs, it’s the best practice to install materials near the direct lighting source to eliminate vinyl, plastic or glass substrates. On the flip side, for outdoor signage, the backlighting option is vital during both night and day hours.

If you have any confusion about the kind of lighting that would complement your signage, feel free to consult with our team. They can give you the best suggestions owing to their experience and extensive knowledge.

  • Selecting the right signage backdrop

What is the concept for your new directional or wayfinding signage? Shall the backdrop include wallpaper, paint, glass or brick? Will the signage be freestanding or wall-mounted or a floor decal? Shall there be vivid bright colors present around the intended location?

Just as it is quintessential to ensure a perfect design, similarly, the background should also be distraction-free and clean, offering a blank template for customers and guests to focus quickly on the sign. The clearer your backdrop will be, the easier it will become for people to notice the sign. You can discuss with our team for selecting the best signage backdrop to make the maximum out of your design.

Do your business need wayfinders?

Not every business needs commercial directional and wayfinding signs. However, these signs have multiple uses, from the aesthetics to the practical.

  • Directional signage is mostly essential for parking lots, restrooms, wheelchair accessibility as well as other popular destinations.
  • These are beneficial for retail businesses and events
  • Office buildings and trade shows also need highly impactful directional signage.
  • Directional signs are also useful in campuses
  • Maximum utilization of the space with wayfinding and commercial directional signs
  • Branding of your business with wayfinding and directional signs that connect, welcome, and inform together whenever someone steps in your space.

Our visual communication experts provide a complete suite of services to allow you to develop the most appropriate directional signs, and wayfindingfor your office for business. With us, you can transform simple messages into highly impactful branding points. Our studio comprise dedicated account representatives, print specialists, and design experts to bring the vision of our clients to life.

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