How long does it take to get a US work visa?/what is the waiting time for US work visa(H1-B)?

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The US is looked up as the country which is respected because of its great work ethics.

A US work visa is the best way to be a part of the country which has the most lucrative work opportunities. A US work visa is arranged for you by an employer who seeks someone of your competence to work for him.

As we all know, the H1B visa is the most used technique for the, petition of sponsorship of employees by US employers. Hence, you should be aware of the time period which can elapse after your employer has applied for an H1B and before it is granted to you. It can be as much as 2 months or 6 months depending on the hectic schedule of the USCIS.Its not required for someone to wait for this much time as earlier processing can be applied for through  a “premium processing fees”. If you employer is willing to apply for such a higher fees to get you to US, you can get the H1B visa quickly. However, a US employer should know that he can only get the proceedings of the H1B visa initiated for  the foreign employee 6 months before his employment is due to start.

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After the H1B is no longer valid for you(after 6 years), you have to leave this country, but still you are given an increase of 1 year on this visa depending on whether a decision is yet to take place on any immigration petition(I-140) submitted by you.

The candidate should have massive experience and education to be eligible for getting this visa. you should know that for anyone to be considered, a bachelors’ degree is the foremost requirement. The employer needs to make hard efforts to get this visa for you.

First he should make sure that Department of Labor approves your employment. He is to put up papers of your employment contract with the department of Labor which should include how much, employment hours, you are going to put, when called here.

The employer should consider applying for you from the beginning of the April month. He should be quick while documenting the application because a quota exists for this visa. You don’t want your H1B visa to not arrive and your employment getting prevented because the numbers of seats expire.

The employer should be given a labor condition certificate from the Department of Labor for the worker he plans to call to US. Through this certificate, the employer proves to the US government that he is not compromising on the cost of the labor by using a cheap labor resource from abroad.

Then the process of getting the H1B visa involves sending the labor condition certificate to the, regional center of USCIS which will approve the employment of the concerned worker in a certain city of US.

There are a large number of seats(65,000) which have been allotted for this visa. Apart from this number, 20,000 seats are for those, who have anAmerican Master’s degree. For employees who are going to be employed by those institutions providing higher education, there is no limit of H1B visas. An unlimited number of foreign employees can be hired by US, on the H1B visa in academic institutions. So, get the US work visa after proving to an employer why you deserve to work under him.

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