Pro Tips for Working from Home

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, most people have been working from home. Although this was originally intended as a short-term measure to fight the virus, the world has slowly adapted to this new form of working, and experts believe it could be the future. For many, this is exciting. What could be better than working from the comfort of your own home? It gives people more freedom and flexibility while also benefitting the environment.

Of course, working from home is a new trend – so people are still adapting to it. Here are some pro tips for improving your work from home experience that will benefit you in the long-term.

Use your attic as a workspace

If you live in a house, you’ll be fortunate enough to have an attic. Providing there’s enough space, you can use your attic as a workspace – making it your own office. However, this isn’t a project that you should tackle by yourself, as there may be several changes that need to occur for it to be safe for you, such as needing good insulation. You can get help from experts at

Think about it. Working from your bedroom or living room doesn’t have the same professional feel to it that your office at work does. With your attic, you can get that feeling back. You will be in a private space at the top of the house, uninterrupted and able to work peacefully. All you’ll have to do is move your equipment into the attic, such as your laptop or computer, to the work table. The attic is also a great source for design, so you can paint the walls or add furniture to create the working environment that you like.

Dress professionally

Working from home can cause people to be lazy regarding their attire. Whereas in the past they would dress smartly for work, now they can stay in their pajamas – this is a bad habit. It decreases the value of work in your mind. By still dressing professionally at home, you’ll keep yourself held to a high standard, which will drive your productivity moving forward.

Remember to take regular breaks

Some people, particularly the workaholics, can often get carried away with their jobs – working long hours and forgetting to care for their health. Don’t allow this to happen while you work from home. Remember to take regular breaks, be it to go for a walk outside or get something healthy to eat and drink.

Ignore tempting distractions

The feeling is universal – you’re doing important work, your phone pings, and you want to check it. This is fine in the case of an emergency, but if you’re regularly checking social media and texting while working from home, it’s bad.

When you’re sat working, try putting your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode or turning it off. Alternatively, you could try living without a phone – but that would be a bit extreme. There are other distractions outside of your phone, too. Some of these include the TV, games consoles, and books. Do your best to stay away from these during working hours – they will distract you and reduce your work ethic.


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