Tips for Using Cheap Kitchen Cabinets to Furnish a Modern Apartment

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Your kitchen cabinets can accentuate the look or degrade other elements of the kitchen. This is why you need to decide the cabinets of your house quite carefully.

However, even with the importance and some amazing modern kitchen ideas, kitchen cabinets are expensive. You can find cheaper versions but finding a good and slightly reliable cheaper version is a task. Not impossible, but definitely difficult.

This is why we have discussed some factors that can decrease your final bill. The following tips can help you find cheap kitchen cabinets. Start exploring cost-effective options.

Tips for Modern Kitchen Ideas

It is possible to find modern kitchen ideas for cost-effective execution. You just need to adjust a few factors, make certain changes, and strategically select aesthetically appealing yet cheap kitchen cabinets.

Read on to know how you can do it.

Check the Material

Using a low-quality material can offer your cheap kitchen cabinets. However, these cabinets won’t last for more than a few years. One alternate modern kitchen idea here is to use cheap but reliable synthetic material. For instance, MDF made cabinets or particle-board cabinets. These alternatives are much less costly than glass or wood made cabinets.

The Old Cabinet

While, of course, a new cabinet may make your kitchen more appealing, it is not always necessary. You can use your old cabinets and modify other elements of the kitchen to remodel your kitchen.

However, consider accentuating other elements of your kitchen such as the kitchen door or countertop or the sink. Try to draw attention to other factors.

Pre-Made Kitchen Cabinets

When you get your cabinets made or customize it, there are high chances that you may have to spend a lot. But you can eliminate this cost by using pre-made cabinets. You can easily purchase RTA cabinets or other similar variants from any vendor. In fact, you can get attractive and sturdy RTA cabinets easily.

Hardware in the Cabinet

One of the amazing modern kitchen ideas is to check the hardware of the cabinet. Some cabinets have expensive accessories and hardware installations. These can increase the cost of your kitchen cabinets.

Instead, purchase a little less costly hardware installation. For instance, you can get aluminum hardware installations at less price than cast brass.

Quantity You Need

The quantity or number of cabinets that you need also impacts your cabinet cost. If you need very less, then the cost may be more depending upon the quality you are purchasing. However, in bulk, you can get lower pricing because of the large purchase that you are making.

Hence, if you want to purchase 2-3 cabinets, then purchase MDF or RTA cabinets for lower costs.


There are three considerations in the installation of your cabinets:

  • You can select cabinets or RTA cabinets from a provider that offers free installation. This would eliminate a part of your total cost.
  • You can choose an expert to install your cabinets. But, that may be costlier than anticipated.
  • You can install the RTA cabinets yourself if you know how to or if you know how to operate the related equipment.

Change Details

Sometimes, there’s no need to change the entire cabinet set in your kitchen. You can change details of the cabinet in the following ways to make them complement other kitchen décor elements.

  • You can change the hinges and latches of the cabinets for a new look.
  • It is also possible to pair this change with a new color. Just add a new coat of paint for a new and clean look.

Save on Upper Cabinets

Multiple homeowners reduce the cost of cabinets by changing one pair of cabinets. This means that you either change the lower cabinets or the upper cabinets. However, remember to match the cabinets with the entire look and feel of the kitchen.

For instance, you can purchase RTA wood cabinets for the lower shelves, pair it with the black countertop, and paint the upper cabinets white. This would give a perfect look to your kitchen.

Use Accent Shelves

Similar to the above option, just change the below cabinets and leave the above shelves open. Utilize accent shelves to showcase your fancy kitchenware, cookbooks, kettles, tea sets, and appliances of the kitchen. Use tiles in the background for an enhanced look.

Change Lights

Lastly, the easiest method is to change the lights in your kitchen. Utilize fancy lights for the centerpiece and change lights surrounding the cabinets. You can also use RTA cabinets and then change the lights to make your kitchen more luxurious.

The idea here is to emphasize other elements, which reduces the focus on cabinets and diverts attention towards the entire kitchen décor.


From your sourcing point to modification requirements, a lot of factors contribute to the final cost of your modern kitchen ideas. This means that if there are some things you can reuse or use after changing details, you can get cheap kitchen cabinets. Check out the above ideas to purchase modern cabinets at cost-effective prices and optimum quality.

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