How Business Are Making Sure Your Product Gets Delivered To You Intact

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In 2021, an increasing number of people are now shopping online for products. Whether it’s the better range of products available, the ability to find products cheaper, or even just the ease of shopping online, there are so many reasons why people turn to their smartphone or laptop when they want to buy something. Whilst the process of buying something online is a lot easier for the customer, it’s a lot more complicated for the retailer. Unlike in a traditional store, the transaction doesn’t simply end when the customer pays for the products. They are also responsible for making sure that the product gets to the customer’s home in one piece.

If anything goes missing or is broken on the way to the customer’s home, they are liable for replacing or repairing the product. This cost can massively impact even the most successful business’ ability to turn a profit. That’s why more and more businesses are investing in new technology to make sure their products get there safely. Here’s a look at just a few ways companies make sure the product that arrives on your doorstep is completely intact.

Making it through the production line

It’s wrong to assume that all damage is done by the delivery companies in charge of transporting your products. It might simply be the case that the product gets damaged on the production line or even the packaging line before it even leaves the factory. To avoid any potential damage during this process, more and more companies are investing in high-tech conveyors and transport systems that can move your parcels quickly but without damaging them. Whilst you might think all conveyors do pretty much the same job, some companies are innovating new ways that this product can transport goods safely from one place to another.

The right levels of packaging

Packaging has been a difficult thing to get right for many years. Use too much packaging, and people can tend to get mad at how much waste you have created, which they will then have to dispose of themselves. Use too little, and then the product could get damaged in transport, and the whole package might end up going to landfill instead. Luckily, more and more companies use packaging that is protective and friendly to the environment, like packaging peanuts that dissolve in water or even plastic airbags that can be popped and recycled easily.

Delivery vans are now a lot more than just a set of wheels

It’s not just products getting damaged that are a big problem for businesses. Some products don’t even make it to the customer’s home as they get lost in transit. To avoid this happening, delivery companies are now investing in more and more technology to track parcels. Whenever a product reaches a new destination, it is scanned, and the customer often receives an update as to where exactly it is. Even when the parcel is out for delivery, more and more companies are allowing customers to track the vehicle that their parcel is in to make sure they are ready to receive the parcel once it arrives. An increasing number of parcels are now stolen from so-called “safe spaces” outside of properties, so delivery drivers are increasingly keen to hand products to customers.

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