How to declutter your home

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When you’ve lived in a place for a while, it can get full of clutter. From freebies you never needed to the most sentimental clutter that you haven’t sorted through, it can start to get in the way of your day-to-day life. But decluttering your home is no mean feat. Fortunately, this guide will give you some helpful tips to declutter your home.

Dedicate five minutes a day

Trying to sort out all of your clutter out at once can be daunting. You could dedicate a whole weekend to it and feel like you haven’t achieved anything. That’s why you should try dedicating just five minutes a day. On top of your normal cleaning routine, try to throw out a few things every day. Or at the very least, start to collect all of your clutter in one place.

Give away one item a week

This is a great way of motivating yourself to declutter. Aim to give (at least) one item away every week. Whether you give it to a friend or take it down to your local thrift store, the result is still the same. Your house will be less cluttered and you’ll get used to throwing out the stuff you don’t need.

Use a room for clutter

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house, why not dedicate it to clutter. Instead of sorting through things room-by-room, you can just collect all of your clutter in one place. Then, when the room is full, you can spend a day sorting through it all. This is a quick way to make your house feel less cluttered.

Donate the clothes you never wear

We all have T-shirts that we never wear. It’s a sad result of the world of fast fashion. So, instead of collecting them in your drawers, why not take them down to the local clothes bank or thrift store. Then, someone less fortunate than yourself can make use of them.

Create a decluttering checklist

When you’re decluttering, it can be tough to stay focused. You could spend a whole day going through old photographs and end up getting nothing done. A decluttering checklist can really help you stay on track. Make a list of the things you want to get rid of and work your way through it.

Get a storage facility

If you’re really struggling to throw things out, why not invest in some storage space. Storage companies – like – offer affordable space to keep your possessions safe. This will keep your beloved items protected and will help you to declutter your home.

Use the minimalism approach

Minimalism is becoming more and more popular. A true minimalist will only own what they need to survive. They might own three T-shirts and one jumper. The benefit of this way of life is that you have less to worry about. Going for a drink with a friend? You’ve only got two outfits to choose from. If you’re serious about decluttering, minimalism might be the way forward.


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