The Role of DevOps in Custom Software Development

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DevOps currently is one of the most popular buzzwords in the world of tech right now. All kinds of IT organizations want to implement DevOps into their functioning and benefit from it. DevOps greatly impacts the interactions between the development and operations team, by accelerating and streamlining them.

Organisations which are neglecting DevOps, are destined to be overthrown by startups, who value the implementation of DevOps, in the near future. DevOps has over the years, enabled various businesses, to successfully release their products on time, or even at certain instances, before the arrival of a deadline. Those businesses also enjoy the luxury of their servers not becoming idle because of a malfunction, or during a maintenance period.

The question however that is making you curious right now must be that what is meant by DevOps. This very term must seem obscure to you, but by the end of this blog, you will have a clear understanding of the term, along with the reasons why implementing it into your business is a wise decision, whether it be by making your in-house team implement it or by making the decision to hire DevOps developers.

The primary purpose of this blog is to inform you about the role that DevOps fulfil in the process of custom software development. However, before we go there, let’s see how seamlessly custom software and DevOps can work together.

 How Custom Software Mingles with DevOps?

DevOps basically refers to the process of creating custom software, which fulfils the demands of everybody in the least amount of time. Project development phases are chosen by DevOps to be streamlined. This is done by automating the entire process as a whole. In the period of high-end customizations, DevOps helps organisations make quicker deliveries and improving the quality of software. This fact is true, no matter if you hire DevOps engineer for your own company, or have chosen to spend money on DevOps services.

Why do Businesses Need DevOps?

A critical purpose of the DevOps methodology is to improve software development practices. This is possible because of effective interaction between the DevOps developers, CI/CD developers, QA experts and other specialists. Above all is the person, who makes sure that integration of such mutual efforts are carried out properly. This very person is referred to as a DevOps engineer. A DevOps engineer makes sure that the process of hiring DevOps consulting services is carried out smoothly.

By implementing DevOps, companies all around the world grow the ability to create and update software products and services with ease, even those which are being actively used by users.

Now it is finally time to assess the role DevOps fulfil, as far as custom software development goes. This is true for both the situations of either hiring a DevOps developer or by spending money on software development services.

Purpose of DevOps in Custom Software Development

The main key to stay ahead of your competitors in this fast-paced world of continuously evolving technology, is to streamline your business processes. No matter if it is increasing the target, cross-selling products or business revenue, this technique applies to it all.

DevOps is that key. It is the secret, that if you take the decision of implementing into your business, you will encounter enormous quantities of growth after a substantial period of time.

The hiring of a custom software development company or the process of developing a custom software itself was not as popular as it is in the present time. Today it has become a pivotal move in the IT world. Consistency is the main characteristic, which allows a company to provide a customized experience to its clients. Moreover, DevOps is responsible for connecting all the resources with a single thread. This is the reason why DevOps is gradually becoming even more popular.

According to a quote by the editor at JAXenter, Coman Hamilton, “The rate at which this entertainment game-changer has adopted new technologies and implemented them into its DevOps approach is setting new standards in IT.”

The best example that justifies the above quote is use of custom software development by Netflix. You must have often wondered how Netflix is able to personalize its experience for each user. This is because Netflix conducts thousands of deployments in one day.


The adobe blog might give make you think that implement of DevOps is only suited for IT industries and is not appropriate for the non-IT ones, but this cannot be any further from the truth.

Custom software development basically means that you are creating software for your business, which specially tailored to suit all your business requirements. From the above blog, it is obvious that you now the knowledge about the role DevOps has in custom software development.

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