Understanding the difference between lab desiccators cabinets and gowning room furniture

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One of the most essential aspects of modern lab equipment is the immense variety of devices that are available these days. If you are looking for modernizing your old lab or you want to set up a new lab altogether, then you must know that there are several different equipment to choose from. It is important to understand what these equipment are capable of doing and the services that they provide. This will help you to choose the right equipment for your lab.

Also since lab equipment are quite expensive so it will be worthwhile to know what you are investing in so that you can make the most effective purchases. Gowning room furniture and desiccators cabinets are crucial equipment in today’s labs and you should consider them if you want to purchase new equipment. In this small article, you will understand the essential difference between the two.

Varieties of Equipment

It is quite understandable that lab owners are required to keep several types of furniture in their labs for working with different types of requirements. Gowning room furniture and the non-vacuum dry cabinets are extremely important as they can improve the functionality of your lab. But before purchasing them you should learn about their uses.

Dry Cabinets

The non-dry vacuum cabinets are mostly nitrogen based desiccators cabinets. The nitrogen gas can be extremely useful for several types of scientific experiments. This gas is primarily used as a more potent replacement for other inert gases in specific experiments where the issue of oxidation might become a problem.

In fact, nitrogen is a highly useful medium which is used for making different types of storage chambers where materials can be stored without any fear of contamination. Asides from this, these materials can also be quickly isolated and eventually purified for the lab experiments.

As a result of this, the nitrogen desiccators cabinet is quite popular among lab owners. These cabinets are created in a special manner also, and it can ensure that there is a continuous flow of the nitrogen gas in a laminar pattern. The gas flows over devices which are moisture sensitive and absorbs the moisture. You can also regulate the amount of moisture which is inside the cabinets. This regulation will be dependent upon the general relative humidity of the atmosphere that is present on the outside.

Some of the most basic specifications of these desiccators cabinet are as follows:

  1. They have a 1/4′ inch thickness and are available in either a Clear or an Amber Acrylic colour, the Amber Acrylic variation would be made with the Static-Dissipative PVC and the Non Dissipative PVC.
  2. These cabinets will have their door frames made with solid stainless steel. As a result of this, the cabinets will be able to provide you with a long lasting service and they can also improve the sealing performance of the cabinet.
  3. The cabinets are equipped with specialized compression latches that have a lift and turn style.
  4. The door which seals the cabinets have a non-adhesive base.
  5. You can have ground racks along with the hinges and latches. These will help you to achieve better ESD safety.

Gowning Room Furniture and their Purpose

The lab gowning room furniture are primarily used for catering to several forms of amenities which are highly dependent on the immediate environment. These furniture can provide you with the staging area so that you can do works related to sanitation, storing things and washing hands also. You may also store crucial lab apparel like your gloves, PPEs, covers, aprons, hair protectors and so on. Some of the most striking features of the gowning room furniture include:

  1. All these furniture are highly resistant to varying degrees of oxidation, rust, corrosion and other chemical reactions.
  2. The gowning room furniture can be prone to absorbing various types of dangerous and toxic elements from the immediate lab area. The materials in the furniture are useful in ensuring that you get no reaction with moisture.
  3. With your gowning room furniture, there are specific and clear protocols. You will need to maintain strict standards with regards to the cleaning and sterilizing of various components.
  4. Gowning room furniture are made according to strict international standards and you will have specific ISO standards for your furniture which ensures high quality.

If you want to get more information on non-vacuum dry cabinets, then you must read about them on internet forums.


If you want to purchase new equipment for your lab, then it is crucial that you do a thorough background research on them first and learn about the products. These equipment are quite expensive and are of vital importance in modern labs. These are easily available in online and offline retail stores. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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