Your New Work from Home Set-Up

by Chatter DC News

If there is one good thing to come from the pandemic, it’s now a wider recognition that many of us can, in fact, work in separate offices, work from home, and not have to be in the office right in the boss’s sights to be doing a good job. While there will be plenty of companies on the fence about this, adamant that an office where everyone is together at the same time is the only place where productivity can happen, there are thankfully more companies who are recognizing this is not the case, after being forced to change circumstances to something more flexible.

This means that you might not actually have to go back to the office as much as you did pre-pandemic, and you can welcome an upgrade into your home office space you have just been using to get by.

Let us take a look at how you can spruce up your space.

A Proper Desk Chair

Have some of us been using our kitchen stool or staying in our beds? Yes. Is this going to be good for our backs in the long run? It is not. If a home setup is going to be a more permanent part of your life, you should definitely invest in the essentials that will make your day more comfortable and tolerable. Also, this is the perfect time to customize your working space. No longer do you need to be lumped with the office chair, which many people have sat on, has zero back support and a lever that is broken. You can get something that works for you.

Rest Space

Speaking of sitting down, if you want something completely separate from your home life but still want a space to relax, be sure to carve out a little rest area for when you just need to take a moment. This space could include something such as a relaxing bean bag, a hammock, or another relaxing piece of furniture that you can just relax in for a while. After all, a desk chair is still a desk chair!

Desk Lamp

While natural daylight wherever you can get it is best – sometimes the set-up for the room is not always equipped for that, which can make it difficult for us to see what we’re doing. Plus, constantly squinting on top of screen use is a double negative whammy for our delicate eyes resulting in instant problems such as fatigue and headaches. That being said, for those who work into the night or tend to be very early birds, a lamp with a soft light can help reduce stress and create a relaxing work environment.


Unless you have been living under a rock – and honestly, we don’t blame you – you do you – you will have seen that everyone, including their neighbor’s cousin has become fond of plants during lockdown. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer a bunch of benefits, which means that if you are capable of watering something once a day, you too can enjoy what plants have to offer.


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