4 Unique Decor Ideas for Your Home

by Chatter DC News

Do you want to add a little personality to your home? Do you want to spice up the space without having to tackle an extensive and often expensive renovation project? Do you want to ensure you get maximum impact with the design choices you make? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, there may be a really simple solution, and that’s to update the décor with some unique ideas. To give you that spark of creativity, here’s a look at four unique décor ideas you may want to try.

Use a Decorative Rug to Add Personality

Hard-surfaced flooring is a very popular option for many homeowners, and if that’s what you have in your home, it’s not likely that you want to cover them all up with carpet. With that said, there is a time and place for decorative area carpets. These can be used to pull a colour palette together, anchor the furniture in a room, and add personality and interest to the space.

You can shop around and look for more unique prints, patterns, textures, and colours in order to create that customised look. The rug will likely end up looking quite luxurious in the space and really dress the room up. It should also be noted that some people may choose to take the term ‘unique’ to the next level and actually hang a decorative rug on the wall. This can make for an absolutely stunning wall art piece that becomes the main focus of the room.

Embrace Wallpaper Once Again

If you’re under the impression that the days of wallpaper are long gone, it’s time to think again. Wallpaper has enjoyed a real renaissance over the past few years and can act as a unique touch to any space in your home. You can opt for a subtle, more elegant style of wallpaper, or choose something modern with interesting geometric shapes and angles on it.

Custom Framed Pictures

For those purchasing artwork on a budget, the one big complaint tends to be that it all looks the same. There isn’t often a unique feature and the pieces don’t exactly stand out in the room. This is why a custom framed piece of art, a photograph, or even a map can really be the perfect solution. Let’s say you have a love of travel – you can take that passion and find a creative way to showcase it, like a custom star map of your favourite city.

Custom framed pictures and artwork give you a chance to show your own personality and passions, and ensure that your artwork and décor isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

Go Ahead and Show Off Your Collectibles

Do you happen to have a collection that you’re really proud of? Is it something that you’ve been collecting for years and you maybe hide it away in storage bins, or inside a display cabinet? Well, now is the time to embrace your collection, bring it out to showcase it, and use it as décor in your home.

Each of these tips will help you to spice up your home and add some interest to its décor.


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