Simple Steps To Make Your Laptop/PC Work Fast Windows 8

by Chatter DC News
In this tutorial i will show you how to make your pc faster by simple tweak, the very annoying situation is that when you are working something important with your Pc and system suddenly get slow or strucked, this is common with everyone who do heavy work in pc

so i will tell how you can boostup your system performance with simple steps.

Just follow all the steps and your pc will definitly work faster than before.Also Check-Download Whatsapp For PC

Steps For Boosting PC Performance.
  • Click on battery icon and change it “High Performance
1) Press “Windows” button and R(windows+R) atatime, You will see a window as below shown, then Type “prefetech” and Press Enter.
Click Continue. After that a window having many file will be opened, Select all(ctrl+A), and Delete all the files, don’t worry they are useless files.
2) Now again Press “Windows” button and R(windows+R) atatime., type %temp% and press Enter.
then Select all(ctrl+A) and delete files opened in the window like shown below.
3) Now take your pointer to the “Right Corner” and click on Search.
Type “Disk” in search and click on settings
 First click “Settings” and then Click on “Free Up Disk  by Deleting Unnecessary Files”
this will make your pc disk free and make your pc faster.
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3) Now a Window will be opened Disk Cleanup : Drive Selection
Select the drive which you want cleanup but i suggest you to clean (C:) drive first, after selecting the drive Click ok. Wait untill the disk is cleaned, after disk is cleaned you will get a window like below.

Now Check all the boxes and then click on Clean Up system files, wait untill system files are cleaned up

4) You will be shown like this again.

select drive and Enter
Wait untill above process is complete and you will be show like this
delete files to make pc fast
Checkmark all the boxes and click on”ok” and then Click “Delete Files” . wait until all the files are Deleted and Restart your computer.
That’s it guys after restarting your computer it will work faster then before.
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Conclusion– There are many ways to make your pc faster, but i wrote on simple one if you know any other ways you can mention below or if have any doubt regarding above tweak comment below i will help you.

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