A December Home Checklist: Winter Home Improvement

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Winter Home Improvement

Many people call December the most wonderful time of the year. And the Yuletide Season is indeed amazing with the forthcoming festivities. It is a time to spend with loved ones, enjoying reunions, celebrating with good food, and giving gifts. But in your mad dash to enjoy the holidays, don’t forget to prep your home for the bitterly cold weather.

Take note, neglected homes end up with tons of problems that will leave you in a “holidaze” after your celebrations. Here are a few tips to remember so that you can get ready for winter. It will help keep you and your home happy for the forthcoming New Year:

Finish and Evaluate Annual Projects

The end of the year is the perfect time to evaluate your projects. Finish up loose ends so you can begin the forthcoming New Year on a fresh slate. One of the things on your plate may be lawn care as this is what you have to worry about as soon as the snow melts. Be sure to put away your yard equipment properly, and take the time to protect it from extending the life of your investment.

Moreover, don’t forget to cover your patio furniture but do this task on a warm day to ascertain that no water is trapped under. Remember, moisture will deteriorate your furniture faster. Moreover, a wet environment attracts mold and mildew, which are both harmful to your health.

Prep Heating System for the Cold

Your furnace is one of the most important equipment you will rely on when the weather outside is frightful. With freezing temperatures, you need to make sure your home is warm and toasty so you and your family can celebrate in comfort and stay. At the very least, you should change the filters of your home heating system.

If your system is old, you need to call a reliable service provider to check and do maintenance inspections. The last thing you need is to realize that your furnace doesn’t work when there’s a roaring blizzard outside. If you have a fireplace, don’t forget to prep it as well. Clean the chimney and buy firewood so you’ll have ample supply to last the whole winter season.

Check the Plumbing System

Prep your plumbing system for winter. Pay attention to the outdoor system the most because these are unprotected from the harsh elements. If you have a pool and an outdoor, make sure both are properly shut down for the season. Check your pipes as well because replacing broken lines during the spring will be very costly.

Remember, to drain the lines completely because any leftover water can freeze and cause your pipes and seals to break. If you fail to protect to consider your plumbing, you could be dealing with a nasty leak that can wreak havoc in your home’s complex piping network. It is always best to err on the side of caution.

Renovate the Walls

Don’t forget to caulk and seal your home’s exterior wood. If you can, you may repaint it with a protective coat. It would help if you fortified your wall to protect it from the elements. The wood trim around your home deteriorates fast, so you need to stay vigilant. Most of all, you need to patch up any crack as a form of rodent control. If you love staying indoors during winter, pests would love to get into your home as well.

Contrary to popular belief, creepy crawlies and critters don’t hibernate or die in the winter. Instead, they want to seek shelter in your home to survive. To prevent this from happening, pay attention to your wall, especially the ones near the basement. Don’t forget your roof as well because pests can get in with a tree branch using your open roof vents.

Make Sure The House is Ready for the Holiday Decors

When the weather turns cold, and the snow starts to fall from the sky, that’s a good sign that you need to start prepping your home for the holidays. Make it fun and festive by ensuring that you’ve got your home decors ready. Part of what makes this season so amazing is the lighting and ornaments that adorn your home.

Decorations are not just for vanity, but they are proven to boost your mood and ease your anxiety. Decorating brings up nostalgic feeling and can remind you of all the good things in your childhood. So go ahead and make “decking the halls” with boughs of holly a part of your winter preparations.

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